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Tommy Hunt is one of those artists that you don't see very often anymore. The word charisma seems to be made just to define him. If you have seen him on stage you know what I'm talking about. Born in Pittsburgh and raised in Chicago, he first came into the music world as a member of the Five Echoes, but it was in 1956 when he was asked to join the legendary Flamingos that he became a well known name on the business. Famous at the beginning because of his now classic dance routines on the stage, he soon became one of the leads on the group too. He was featured as lead on many songs, especially big ballads. It's funny that on the USA he is mostly remembered by his ballads, while on Europe he is more popular by his dance numbers. In 1961 he left the Flamingos to start a successful solo career, that among other songs, included the original version of "I just don't know what to do with myself" produced by Burt Bacharach, or his big hit "Human". Later years showed him coming to Europe where he was received with open arms by legions of soul music fans, making him a favorite on the northern soul scene. Lately, after many years devoted to his soul music career, he has formed a new vocal group around him so he can do the harmonies and classic songs he recorded with the Flamingos once again. It is unbelievable to see him on the stage after more than six decades of musical career, showing younger generation how it is to be a real artist. This EP showcases some of his nicest uptempo efforts as lead on the Flamingos as well as on his solo sides. It's easy to understand why he was, and still is, one of the most loved r&b and soul singers in the world.


  1. Name
  2. Let's Make Up
  3. In The Still Of The Night
  4. Hey Now
  5. The Work Song
  6. Poor Millionaire
  7. You're So Fine
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