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Rhythms Of The Nile - Introduction To Egyptian Dance Rhythms

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Rhythms Of The Nile - Introduction To Egyptian Dance Rhythms
Rhythms Of The Nile - Introduction To Egyptian Dance Rhythms


An education in Egyptian dance and rhythms by Egypt's master percussionist Hossam Ramzy. The first part explains dance rhythms and plays samples of each. ('Intro' denotes spoken explanations, while Masmoudi, Maqsoum, Saaidi, etc, is the music only.) In the second part (from track 25) Hossam invites us to a drumming workshop, first explaining the various drums (tabla, darabuka, mazhar, duf, etc.), then playing simple, easy-to-follow examples as well as examples of the rhythms in a full percussion section.


  1. Name
  2. Dance Rhythms Introduction
  3. Masmoudi intro
  4. Masmoudi
  5. Maqsoum intro
  6. Maqsoum
  7. Saaidi intro
  8. Saaidi
  9. Fallahi intro
  10. Fallahi
  11. Zaar intro
  12. Zaar
  13. Malfuf intro
  14. Malfuf
  15. Karachi intro
  16. Karachi
  17. Elzaffa intro
  18. Elzaffa
  19. Elzaffa El Kebira
  20. Three Four Time intro
  21. Three Four Time
  22. Samaai intro
  23. Samaai
  24. Abu el Khamsa intro
  25. Abu el Khamsa
  26. Percussion Introduction
  27. The Instruments
  28. The Sounds
  29. Practice
  30. The Rhythms
  31. Masmoudi intro (a)
  32. Masmoudi (a)
  33. Masmoudi I, full percussion intro
  34. Masmoudi I, full percussion
  35. Maqsoum intro (a)
  36. Maqsoum (a)
  37. Malfuf intro (a)
  38. Malfuf (a)
  39. Zaar intro (a)
  40. Zaar (a)
  41. Fallahi intro (a)
  42. Fallahi (a)
  43. Saaidi intro (a)
  44. Saaidi (a)
  45. Masmoudi II intro
  46. Masmoudi II
  47. Rhythmic Combination intro
  48. Rhythmic Combination
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