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Brazilian Bass

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Brazilian Bass
Brazilian Bass


Brazilian Bass represents some of the diverse music that Brazil has to offer. For some time now we've been really excited to present the heavy low end of places like Bahia, Pernambuco and Sao Paulo and the cultural force behind it. This is a blending of a myriad of different musical styles - Reggae, Hip-Hop, Dub, Soul, Electronica and Afro-beat, all filtered through Brazilian melodies, rhythms and instruments to create something totally unique. Bass music is a crucial cultural force shaping not only the sounds of London, but places like Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and Salvador a few of Brazil's most dynamic music cities, Bass music has become a driving force. With influences ranging from Vybz Kartel, Marley and Devlin to Jackson do Pandeiro, Racionais MC's and Buraka Som Sistema, this CD is guaranteed to rock your system! Bass culture is essentially from London, it's in its DNA. Reggae, brought over with the Jamaican diaspora who migrated to the UK from the 1950's onward, presented a clarion call to all those Jamaicans who found themselves living in a system which did not care for them or their culture. By the 1970's reggae's message of unity and rebellion resonated with a wider audience as the music challenged racism and generated new visions of culture and identity in the city. Decades ago it filtered through punk, rock and pop and became an emblematic London soundtrack. Today reggae music's ability to evolve and influence other genres is stronger than ever and London is home to the next generation of bass culture sounds, with new forms like Dubstep, Grime and Bass music all dominating the dancefloor and pushing new boundaries. As Brazil prepares for the spotlight as host of the FIFA World Cup (2014) and Olympics and Paralympics (2016) this project champions international cross-cultural exchange via the dancefloor, and will be a portal into the beating heart of Bahia. We feel we've really done our best to pick the cream of the crop of tracks from these exciting new projects, which have been backed by the BMA, Arts Council UK, the British Underground and the state of Bahia. Far Out Presents Brazilian Bass features 17 tracks of this new wave of Brazilian music, which resonates the heavy bass and musical inventiveness of the root sounds of Bahia, Recife and Rio de Janeiro. Bringing together some of the most creative and out of the ordinary artists of this new scene. There are so many exciting things happening in Brazil at the moment, and music is at the forefront of it. These are the artists that are causing all the excitement. Brazilian Bass is the sound of modern Brazil.


  1. Name
  2. Mental Abstrato & DJ Tahira Baião (Original Mix)
  3. Soraia Drummond Eu acho É Pouco
  4. Nsista Caroço
  5. 3Adub featuring Pitshu Blindness
  6. Banda Escola Pública Samba de Novato
  7. Astronauta Pinguim Ghosts Inside Your House
  8. Sistema Criolina Pequi Week Bar
  9. Os Nelsons Olhe o Fogo
  10. Afroelectro Omin
  11. Junior Dread featuring Black Alien Não Deixe De Lutar
  12. Anelis Assumpção Bola Com Os Amigos
  13. Nathy Faria Saindo Do Lugar
  14. Aton Dub Travessias
  15. 7 Estrelo As Leis De Um Tambor
  16. O Quadro Tá Amarrado (Mangaio Remix)
  17. Bemba Trio Melô do Vatapá
  18. A Banda de Joseph Tourton After Work Ganja
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