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Buffalo Nichols

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Buffalo Nichols
Buffalo Nichols


Since his earliest infatuations with guitar, Buffalo Nichols has asked himself the same question: How can I bring the blues of the past into the future? After cutting his teeth between a Baptist church and bars in Milwaukee, it was a globetrotting trip through West Africa and Europe during a creative down period that began to reveal the answer. Part of my intent, making myself more comfortable with this release, is putting more Black stories into the genres of folk and blues, guitarist, songwriter, and vocalist Carl Buffalo Nichols explains. Listening to this record, I want more Black people to hear themselves in this music that is truly theirs. That desire is embodied in his self-titled debut albumFat Possums first solo blues signing in nearly 20 yearscomposed largely of demos and studio sessions recorded between Wisconsin and Texas. Born in Houston and raised in Milwaukees predominantly Black North end, the guitar was Nichols saving grace as a young man. The instrument captured his fascination, and provided him with an outlet for self-expression and discovery in isolation. While other children chased stardom on the field, court, or classroom, Nichols took to his mother and siblings music collections, searching feverishly for riffs to pick out on his instrument. Sometimes, this dedication meant listening to a song 200 times in order to wrap his mind around a chord; as a teenager, it even routinely meant staying home from school to get extra practice. It wouldve required a more than arduous journey across town to find a secular circle to jam with in a city still reeling from redlining and segregation, so despite a lack of a religious upbringing, Nichols went sacred. A friend invited the teenage guitarist to church for a gig and the opportunity proved to be Nichols much-needed breakthrough to music circles in the area. But over the following years, he began to feel overextended, and abandoned the demanding grind of a supporting role in nearly ten Milwaukee scene bands, none of which bore his vision as a lead performer. I was happy with all the stuff that I was doing, and I was learning, but I wasnt playing anything that was very creatively fulfilling, Nichols says. I needed the time and space. I was overwhelmed. Stints in college and in the workforce led him overseas, where the appreciation of African-American folkways lit a renewed spark in Nichols. It was the bustling of jazz in places like the working class areas of Ukraine, or in Berlin cafes where expatriate Black Americans routinely treat fans to an enchanting evening of blues, that would lead to his a-ha moment. Nichols returned home to America, meditating on his own place in the music that holds the countrys truest values and rawest emotions between bar and measure. Before this trip, it was hard for me to find that link between all these blues records I heard and people who are living right now. I figured out its not a huge commercial thing, but it still has va


  1. Name
  2. Lost & Lonesome
  3. Living Hell
  4. Sick Bed Blues
  5. These Things
  6. How To Love
  7. Another Man
  8. Back On Top
  9. Sorry It Was You
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