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Natural Motion

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Natural Motion
Natural Motion


Other Colors is an exploratory pop group from Baltimore comprised of longtime musical collaborators William Ryerson and Daniel Whatley, with a rotating cast of characters. Formed in 2010, Other Colors released their debut LP Free Thoughts on Ryersons own Gen Pop Records. With mousey vocals, a ramshackle aesthetic and a sense of momentum that deftly balances rock propulsion and folk drift suggests a lazy afternoon stroll through a cavernous antique store, where each song feels lived in and lovingly defaced, like a relic plucked off the shelf. Raleigh IndyWeek "Im constantly amazed by how much weird, awesome music is generated in the dilapidated neighborhoods of Baltimore, my neighboring gritty city. This simple pop will draw you into the future folk-rock hand-crafted by this trio..." Yvynyl Other Colors began as the bedroom pop project of Will Ryerson. From these beginnings it bloomed, broadening in scope from homespun 4-track hiss into soaring, mystically enhanced spectral pop. These songs manage to exude undeniable uplift vibes. Its a carefree, adventurous spirit. Will has a particular gift for birthing earworms, too. They burrow your head for days, almost to the point of being annoying. Testimony of this comes in the song Dark Things, an effortless bit of refined guitar-pop. Faster Louder


  1. Name
  2. Return To Life
  3. Natural Motion
  4. Livin The Same
  5. Color Me Whatever
  6. Awaken The Feeling
  7. You Know The One
  8. Something Flashy
  9. Dream Of Mine
  10. Is It Over
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