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A Blast From The Past (Deluxe Collector's Edition Box Set)

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A Blast From The Past (Deluxe Collector's Edition Box Set)
A Blast From The Past (Deluxe Collector's Edition Box Set)


For many years, there has been a growing demand to reissue PRETTY MAIDS albums from the nineties and onwards. A lot of these albums haven't been accessible for years, either on CD, vinyl, or digitally, so Frontiers is thrilled to rollout these catalog reissues for Pretty Maids fans, both old and new! The nineties and the beginning of the new millennium were pretty hard times for traditional melodic hard rock and metal. Many new sub-genres dominated the rock world, the scene changed more or less constantly, and new trends came and went leaving melodic hard rock a bit adrift. But, the genre was always there, still is, and always will be thanks to probably the most loyal and faithful supporters you'll ever find in the music business.Pretty Maids has always taken great pride in delivering the best possible music at any given time, regardless of trends, and it is with great pleasure we now can reissue these albums! Enjoy the music whether it be for the first time or again for the first time in a little while!


  1. Name
  2. Rise
  3. Scream
  4. Psycho-Time-Bomb-Planet-Earth
  5. This Love
  6. Walk Away
  7. No Messiah
  8. In A World Of Your Own
  9. Don't Turn Your Sex On Me
  10. Adrenaline Junkie
  11. Anytime Anywhere
  12. When It All Comes Down
  13. Resurrection (Intro) - Freakshow
  14. Dead Or Alive
  15. Die With Your Dreams
  16. Fly Me Out
  17. Live Until It Hurts
  18. Spooked
  19. Twisted
  20. If It Can't Be Love
  21. Never Too Late
  22. Your Mind Is Where The Money Is
  23. Hard Luck Woman
  24. The One That Should Not Be
  25. A Love And A Fiction (Bonus Track)
  26. Crazy Horses (Bonus Track)
  27. Where The Blood Runs Deep (Bonus Track)
  28. Snakes In Eden
  29. Destination Paradise
  30. Hell On High Heels
  31. When The Angels Cry
  32. Back Off
  33. Only In America
  34. With These Eyes
  35. Anything Worth Doing Is Worth Overdoing
  36. Scent Of My Prey
  37. Face Me
  38. Loveshine
  39. Violent Tribe
  40. Carpe Diem
  41. Tortured Spirit
  42. Wouldn't Miss You
  43. Clay
  44. Poisoned Pleasures
  45. Until It Dies
  46. The Unwritten Pages
  47. For Once In Your Life
  48. They're All Alike
  49. Time Waits For No One
  50. Invisible Chains
  51. Virtual Brutality
  52. Playing God
  53. He Who Never Lived
  54. Face Of My Enemy
  55. Not What You Think
  56. Natural High
  57. Who's Gonna Change
  58. Worthless
  59. There's Only On Way To Rock
  60. Enter Forevermore
  61. Wake Up To The Real World
  62. All In The Name Of Love
  63. I Am The End
  64. As Guilty As You
  65. Why Die For A Lie
  66. Such A Rush
  67. Where True Beauty Lies
  68. Brave Young New Breed
  69. Terminal Violence
  70. Perfect Strangers
  71. Another Shot Of Your Love
  72. Wake Up To The Real World
  73. All In The Name Of Love
  74. I Am The End
  75. As Guilty As You
  76. Why Die For A Lie
  77. Such A Rush
  78. Where True Beauty Lies
  79. Brave Young New Breed
  80. Terminal Violence
  81. Perfect Strangers
  82. Another Shot Of Your Love
  83. Mother Of All Lies
  84. To Fool A Nation
  85. Confession
  86. The Iceman
  87. Sad To See You Suffer
  88. Hooligan
  89. Infinity
  90. Why So Serious
  91. Motherland
  92. I See Ghosts
  93. Bullet For You
  94. Who What Where When Why
  95. Wasted
  96. Mother Of All Lies (Bonus Track)
  97. Deranged
  98. Playing God
  99. Psycho Time Bomb Planet Earth
  100. My Soul To Take
  101. He Who Never Lived
  102. Virtual Brutality
  103. Tortured Spirit
  104. With These Eyes
  105. Nuclear Boomerang
  106. Snakes In Eden
  107. Wake Up To The Real World
  108. A Heart Without A Home
  109. When God Took A Day Off
  110. Kingmaker
  111. Face The World
  112. Humanize Me
  113. Last Beauty On Earth
  114. Bull's Eye
  115. King Of The Right Here And Now
  116. Heavens Little Devil
  117. Civilized Monsters
  118. Sickening
  119. Was That What You Wanted
  120. Humanize Me (Extended Version) [bonus Track]
  121. King Maker (Extended Version) [bonus Track]
  122. Psycho-Time-Bomb-Planet-Earth
  123. Rock The House
  124. Rise
  125. Walk Away
  126. Scream
  127. Yellow Rain
  128. Sin-Decade
  129. Savage Heart
  130. No Messiah
  131. Please Don't Leave Me
  132. Lovegames
  133. Future World
  134. Back To Back
  135. Red, Hot And Heavy
  136. Sin Decade
  137. Destination Paradise
  138. Tortured Spirit
  139. Wouldn't Miss You
  140. Nightmare In The Neighbourhood
  141. Natural High
  142. Virtual Brutality
  143. Queen Of Dreams
  144. Cold Killer
  145. Playing God
  146. Snakes In Eden
  147. Shelly The Maid
  148. Live Until It Hurts
  149. Future World
  150. Red, Hot And Heavy
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