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The Epic Works 1991-2015 (Boxset)

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The Epic Works 1991-2015 (Boxset)
The Epic Works 1991-2015 (Boxset)


On July 12, 2019, Frontiers will release an 11-cd box set collecting all the works of the acclaimed German progressive metal band, Vanden Plas. The set will include the following: i. "Colour Temple", ii. "AcCult", iii."The God Thing", iv."Far Off Grace", v. "Spirit of Live", vi. "Beyond Daylight", vii. "Christ 0", viii. "The Seraphic Clockwork", ix. "Chronicles Of The Immortals: Netherworld [Path One]", x. "Chronicles Of The Immortals (Netherworld II)". The set is comprised of eight outstanding studio albums, one EP, and a live recording plus a bonus disc (exclusive to the physical edition) entitled "Bonus Treasures" that will include all unreleased, bonus, rare, and demo tracks from Vanden Plas, which will surely whet the appetite of the band's loyal fanbase. A strictly limited edition of 1,500 copies worldwide, this box set includes a booklet with notes written by Stefan Glas (freelancer ROCK HARD Germany, editor of UNDERGROUND EMPIRE) and Marco Magin (BREAKOUT Magazine) plus never-before-seen pictures and band notes for each album. For more than 20 years, Vanden Plas have been flag bearers for intelligent, intense, progressive metal. Since their debut album, "Colour Temple". up to their most recent saga, "Chronicles Of The Immortals," which saw the band collaborate with Wolfgang Hohlbein, a writer who sold more than 40 million books worldwide, Vanden Plas have wowed progressive metal fans with their amazing music. This set is an unmissable occasion to get to know in-depth the abilities and art of one of progressive metal's greatest bands! In addition, Frontiers will make available, for the first time, a selection of vinyl releases (strictly limited edition) on 2xLP, 180g, color vinyl, including: "Colour Temple," "The God Thing," "Far Off Grace," "Beyond Daylight" and "Christ 0."


  1. Name
  2. Father
  3. Push
  4. When The Wind Blows
  5. My Crying
  6. Soul Survives
  7. Anytime
  8. Judas
  9. Back To Me
  10. How Many Tears
  11. Pelekanov
  12. My Crying
  13. Theme From Pseudo Silk Kimono
  14. Kayleigh
  15. Father
  16. Georgia On My Mind
  17. How Many Tears
  18. Des Haut's Des Bas
  19. Spanish Rain
  20. Days Of Thunder
  21. Fire Blossom
  22. Rainmaker
  23. Garden Of Stones
  24. In You I Believe
  25. Day I Die
  26. Crown Of Thorns
  27. We're Not God
  28. Salt In My Wounds
  29. You Fly
  30. I Can See
  31. Far Off Grace
  32. Into The Sun
  33. Where Is The Man
  34. Iodic Rain
  35. I Don't Miss You
  36. Inside Of Your Head
  37. Fields Of Hope
  38. I'm In You
  39. I Can See
  40. Into The Sun
  41. Soul Survives
  42. How Many Tears
  43. I Don't Miss You
  44. Journey To Paris
  45. Spirit Of Life
  46. Iodic Rain
  47. Far Off Grace
  48. Kiss Of Death
  49. Rainmaker
  50. Nightwalker
  51. Cold Wind
  52. Scarlet Flower Fields
  53. Healing Tree
  54. End Of All Days
  55. Free The Fire
  56. Can You Hear Me
  57. Phoenix
  58. Beyond Daylight
  59. Christ 0
  60. Postcard To God
  61. Wish You Were Here
  62. Silently
  63. Shadow I Am
  64. Fireroses Dance
  65. Somewhere Alone In The Dark
  66. January Sun
  67. Lost In Silence
  68. Frequency
  69. Holes In The Sky
  70. Scar Of An Angel
  71. Sound Of Blood
  72. The Final Murder
  73. Quicksilver
  74. Rush Of Silence
  75. On My Way To Jerusalem
  76. Vision 1ne
  77. Vision 2wo "The Black Knight"
  78. Vision 3hree "Godmaker"
  79. Vision 4our "Misery Affection Prelude"
  80. Vision 5ive "A Ghosts Requiem"
  81. Vision 6ix "New Vampyre"
  82. Vision 7even "The King And The Children Of Lost World"
  83. Vision 8ight "Misery Affection"
  84. Vision 9ine "Soul Alliance"
  85. Vision 10n "Inside"
  86. Vision 11even "In My Universe"
  87. Vision 12elve "Godmaker's Temptation"
  88. Vision 13teen "Stone Roses Edge"
  89. Vision 14teen "Blood Of Eden"
  90. Vision 15teen "Monster"
  91. Vision 16teen "Diabolica Comedia"
  92. Vision 17teen "Where Have The Children Gone"
  93. Vision 18teen "The Last Fight"
  94. Vision 19teen "Circle Of The Devil"
  95. Kiss Of Death
  96. Point Of Know Return
  97. Getsemane
  98. Shape Of My Heart
  99. Combien De Larmes
  100. Raining In My Heart
  101. Godmaker
  102. Days Of Thunder
  103. Fire
  104. Ridin The Wind
  105. Eleyson
  106. Das Ist Für Euch
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