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You Can't Handle The Tremolo Beer Gut (LP)

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You Can't Handle The Tremolo Beer Gut (LP)
You Can't Handle The Tremolo Beer Gut (LP)


Features guest appearances from Jon Spencer and Cristina Martinez (Boss Hog, Pussy Galore). First new studio album in 13 years from Scandinavia's finest, and featuring a slew of grade A guest stars. And so it came to pass that The Tremolo Beer Gut got off their fat asses and recorded an album full of new, sure fire hits that they have been promising/threatening with for a decade. You Can't Handle.. is the band's 5th studio album and features guest appearances by founding member (now alumnus) Sune Rose Wagner (The Raveonettes, Psyched Up Janis), Jon Spencer (The Blues Explosion & Heavy Trash), Cristina Martinez (Boss Hog, Pussy Galore - with Jon Spencer), Evan D. Foster (The Sonics, The Boss Martians), The Courettes, Chris Barfield (The Huntington Cads) and others. Now, the question remains: Can YOU handle it? Listen and make up your own mind. The legendary David Fricke (Rolling Stone and Mojo) writes: "In a year defined by plague and frozen pleasures - like the sudden, extended erasure of great nights out in cellars full of noise - what becomes a rock & roll legend most? The sheer bloody-minded will to make a new record that brings that dream to you: live in a studio and played like a gig, before flying in the extra trimmings. This is how the four horsemen of the Tremolo Beer Gut roll anyway, whatever the weather - in this case, an August heatwave with the AC turned off because, well, only amp hum is legal here. It's guitars on stun with treble at the max; oceanic reverb; the rhythm section kicking like a chorus-line mule; and, as the band's name assures you, that rapid, sultry shiver in the twang that tells you surf's up, the cantina is open and Duane Eddy has his wide-body Chet Atkins Gretsch aimed right between your eyes and ears. Give thanks and belly up to the twang."
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