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RT: The Life And Music Of Richard Thompson

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RT: The Life And Music Of Richard Thompson
RT: The Life And Music Of Richard Thompson


Consisting entirely of unreleased and impossible-to-find recordings, the set's five CDs explore all aspects of Richard's career - band member, solo, duo, composer and interpreter of other people's songs, live, studio and home demo; and naturally, guitar/vocal. All of Richard's classic songs are included - carefully selected with the help of fans worldwide, acknowledged Thompson experts and RT himself. Put together with Richard's generous and extensive co-operation throughout, the set draws on over thirty audio archives including those of the worlds most respected Thompson collectors and from Richard himself. From his early days with Fairport to two studio performances, recorded exclusively for this set, RT spans Richards's whole career of almost forty years. Comes with 172 page book which details his life, career and music.


  1. Name
  2. Now that I am Dead
  3. Genesis Hall
  4. Josef Locke
  5. Willy O' Winsbury
  6. Don't sit on my Jimmy Shands
  7. Nobody's Wedding
  8. Madonna's Wedding
  9. Walking the Long Miles Home
  10. Withered and Died
  11. Beat the Retreat
  12. The Great Valerio
  13. Walking on a Wire
  14. Never again
  15. The End of the Rainbow
  16. King of Bohemia
  17. Killerman Gold Posse
  18. Lotteryland
  19. Now be Thankful
  20. Shoot out the Lights
  21. Outside of the Inside
  22. I Feel so Good
  23. Push and Shove
  24. Time to Ring Some Changes
  25. Cooksferry Queen
  26. Waltzing's for Dreamers
  27. I Want to see the Bright Lights Tonight
  28. I Misunderstood
  29. Meet on the Ledge
  30. Down Where the Drunkards Roll
  31. Gethsemane
  32. Tear-stained Letter
  33. Wall of Death
  34. 1952 Vincent Black Lightning
  35. From Galway to Graceland
  36. Crazy Man Michael
  37. Dimming of the Day
  38. Beeswing
  39. Valerio
  40. Don't Let a Thief Steal into your Heart
  41. Ghosts in the Wind
  42. Crash the Party
  43. For Shame of Doing Wrong
  44. Calvary Cross
  45. Sloth
  46. Night Comes In
  47. Drowned Dog, Black Night
  48. Put it there Pal
  49. Morris Medley/Flying Saucers
  50. Substitute
  51. Tempted
  52. The Story of Hamlet
  53. Oops, I did it Again
  54. Ça Plane Pour Moi
  55. Why don't Women Like Me?
  56. Time has Told Me
  57. Shenandoah
  58. Danny Boy
  59. Move It
  60. Willie & the Hand Jive/Not Fade away
  61. Loch Lomond
  62. Job of Journeywork
  63. Napoleon's Dream
  64. Sally Rackett
  65. God loves a Drunk
  66. The Angels Took my Racehorse Away
  67. Poseidon
  68. Wall of Death
  69. You'll Never Walk Alone
  70. I AinÃâ€t Marching Anymore
  71. The Who Medley (My Generation/CanÃâ€t Explain/Substitute)
  72. Albion Sunrise
  73. How Many Times do you have to Fall
  74. Bad News Is All The Wind Can Carry
  75. Mrs Rita
  76. Shady Lies
  77. Lucky in Life, Unlucky in love
  78. Dragging the river
  79. Alexander Graham Bell
  80. Someone Else's Fancy
  81. Modern Woman
  82. Woman or a Man
  83. My Daddy is a Mummy
  84. You Got what you Wanted
  85. In over your Head
  86. Dear Janet Jackson
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