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This collection of songs traces a year through its seasons, some of the ceremonies, some of the traditions and some of the attendant rituals. They are largely pre-industrial and in some cases, their roots lie in pre-christian rituals. Essentialy they are songs and customs that have been carried on by ordinary people who are attuned to the year's cycle and the need for a good crop: many of the "gusing" rituals are concerned with death and resurrection but in connection to the old year and new one rather than in a biblical sense.


  1. Name
  2. The Moon Shines Bright - Ram's Bottom
  3. The Oxplough Song - Johnny Collins
  4. Gloucestershire Wassail - Ian Woods
  5. Trunkles - Laurence Platt
  6. Jack in the Green - White Hart
  7. April Song - Jolly Jack
  8. The Jolly Boys Song - Preston Isle Metal Band
  9. The Buffoon - Laurence Platt
  10. Midgley Pace Egg Song - Derek & Dorothy Elliott
  11. Jennifer Gentle - Martin Carter
  12. Bedfordshire May Song - White Hart
  13. The Five Wells - The Ripley Wayfarers
  14. Brimbledon Fair - John Rennard
  15. Gee Cross Fair/How Do You Do - Tom Shepley's Band
  16. Long Meg & Her Daughters - Linda Adams
  17. Bonny Hawthorn - Johnny Collins
  18. Country Gardens - Laurence Platt
  19. Mottram Wakes - Tom Shepley's Band
  20. Harvest Song - Johnny Collins
  21. Souling Song - Paul Adams
  22. The Tupper's Song - Notts Alliance
  23. All You That Are Good Fellows - Graham & Sheila Nelmes
  24. Shepherds Arise - White Hart
  25. The Boar's Head Carol - Teeside Fettlers
  26. Four Seasons - Bob Diehl
  27. Nowell Nowell - Ram's Bottom
  28. The Turning Of The Year - Farmstead
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