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Mu Dan Ting

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Mu Dan Ting
Mu Dan Ting


Zeng Ming is a recognised master of the Kunqu style of flute playing. The music of Kunqu, the olderst form of Opera, is a virtual treasure chest of classical Chinese music but much neglected by contemporary scholars and musicians. Zeng Ming's contemporary concert bamboo flute techniques with the "early music" style of the Ming dynasty, brings the beauty of Kunqu music into sharp relief. To record an anthology of unaccompanied Kunqu flute music, however, has never been attempted before and the results are revelatory.


  1. Name
  2. Part A - Mu Dan Ting, Peony Pavilion selections: A stroll in the garden - Around the pond
  3. A stroll in the garden - Dainty steps
  4. A stroll in the garden - Soft and silky
  5. Find dream - Lazy bird
  6. Find dream - Yellow bean leaf
  7. The soul departs - Gathering of the wise
  8. Ask for the directions - Fan wei xu
  9. Yingkao - Zhe Gui order
  10. Part B - Yu Zan Ji, Jade Hairpin selections: Autumn river - Lake song
  11. Autumn river - Mountain song
  12. Lake building - River waters
  13. Qintiao - Lazy bird 1
  14. Qintiao - Lazy Bird continue
  15. Qintiao - Lazy bird continue 3
  16. Qintiao - Qinqu 1
  17. Qintiao - Qinqu 2
  18. Qintiao - Chao Yuan Ge
  19. Narrative during tea - The 2nd Prince Deity
  20. Qiujiang - Red cassock jacket
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