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Sick Octave

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Sick Octave
Sick Octave


Young Knives are Henry Dartnall (me), The House Of Lords and Oliver Askew. Im the big cheese in the band. I write a lot of the songs, play guitar and sing. The House Of Lords is my brother, and he plays bass and keys and sings a lot. He has a cool stage name, so fickle people tend to think he is the best in the band. Ollie plays drums and sings. Our first album Voices of Animals and Men was really popular! We had three singles entering the UK Top 40 and the album was nominated for the Mercury Music Prize in 2007. In 2008 we released Superabundance, we got a couple of Top 40 singles and the album included our most synched track Turn Tail; something to do with the big string section, I reckon. Then we decided very much that we needed to get away from major label pressures as it just didnt suit our temperament, and although it may have been a nave move, we decided to start our own label, Gadzk. In 2011 we released our third album Ornaments from the Silver Arcade, and this felt like the last record in a trilogy. This record has some of our favourite songs to play live, like Vision In Rags and Woman. Sick Octave has been a new start for us. It has definitely been the most fun record weve ever made. We almost didnt make it a Young Knives record as it feels so different from what went before. But that would be a lie; it is totally a Young Knives record.


  1. Name
  2. 12345
  3. Owls of Athens
  4. We Could Be Blood
  5. All Tied Up
  6. White Sands
  7. Something Awful
  8. Preset Columns/ Default Comets
  9. Bella Bella
  10. Marble Maze
  11. Green Island Red Raw
  12. Score
  13. Bed Warmer
  14. Maureen
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