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Antonio Giannettini: L'Uomo In Bivio - Oratorio, Modena 1687

Compact Disc (Audio)
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Antonio Giannettini: L'Uomo In Bivio - Oratorio, Modena 1687
Antonio Giannettini: L'Uomo In Bivio - Oratorio, Modena 1687


This recording is released on the occasion of the 300th anniversary of the death of Antonio Giannettini (1649-1721), a composer almost unknown today, who musically can be placed on a level with Stradella and Pasquini, generally regarded as the pinnacle of late 17th century Italian music. Giannettini received his training from Sebastiano Enno, Carlo Grossi and probably from Giovanni Legrenzi in Venice. He worked at St Mark's Cathedral from 1674, first as a singer and from 1677 as an organist. In 1686 he was appointed maestro di cappella at the court of Modena, a position he was to hold until his death in 1721. Giannettini wrote about 20 stage works, oratorios, cantatas, masses and other sacred music. The oratorio "L'uomo in bivio" (The Man at the Crossroads), written in Modena in 1687, has a remarkable theological content: an angel and the devil fight for the soul of a young man. In the dispute, the devil initially prevails, winning the man over with earthly pleasures and the figure of a lovely girl. But the angel does not give up - with the terrible vision of the girl's rotting body in an open grave, he induces him to repent, and the man chooses the path of faith. The Devil goes back to hell, and the doors of Paradise are open for an happy end.


  1. Name
  2. Sinfonia
  3. Recitativo & Aria: Da la Reggia Superna
  4. Recitativo & Aria: Oh dal fiato di Dio
  5. Coro: Mortali, alla gloria!
  6. Recitativo: Sprezza dunque la terra
  7. Recitativo: Queste note amorose
  8. Recitativo & Aria: Quanda indorar
  9. Recitativo: Turbano queste voci
  10. Recitativo & Aria: O tu, chil dolce suono
  11. Recitativo & Aria: Ben e? folle chi perde
  12. Recitativo & Aria: Cosi? luomo, agitato
  13. Duetto: Mentitor, Vantator
  14. Recitativo: E mentre naufragando
  15. Recitativo & Aria: Ingombrato intelletto
  16. Coro: Io, che dispenso Amor
  17. Recitativo: Con tai note vezzose
  18. Coro: E un lampo fugace
  19. Aria: A guerra, a battaglia!
  20. Coro: Eccoci pronte allopra
  21. Recitativo: E in questo dir vibrando
  22. Recitativo & Aria: Qual splendor luminoso
  23. Recitativo: Cosi?, qual forsennato
  24. Coro: Antri mortiferi
  25. Recitativo & Aria: Ma in lagrimosi lutti
  26. Recitativo & Aria: Ferma, misero, ferma!
  27. Recitativo & Aria: China lo sguardo a terra
  28. Recitativo: Allorribil aspetto
  29. Recitativo & Aria: Ahi! che veggio!
  30. Aria: Custode celeste
  31. Recitativo, Aria & Duetto: Ecco leccelso monte
  32. Recitativo: Rugge intanto Satana
  33. Recitativo & Aria: Tenta fuggire invano
  34. Recitativo: Ma con ira celeste
  35. Aria: Chi cade e risorge
  36. Recitativo & Aria: Si?, mi pento e piango
  37. Duetto: Queste lagrime che versi
  38. Coro: Beato chi segue
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