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Luigi Marchesi: A Souvenir From London - Arias For Soprano

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Luigi Marchesi: A Souvenir From London - Arias For Soprano
Luigi Marchesi: A Souvenir From London - Arias For Soprano


Five years ago, Stile Galante dedicated a CD recording with the renowned Swedish mezzosoprano Ann Hallenberg to the celebrated soprano castrato Luigi Marchesi (1754-1829). Accompanied by soprano Francesca Cassinari, Stile Galante is now going back to this extraordinary musician and presents his work as a composer of chamber vocal music.

Marchesi published during his stay in London two different collections of ariettas with fortepiano and harp accompaniment.

The Ariette op. 1 & 2 are sweet musical cameos dominated by remarkable elegance. They perfectly embody the taste of the time and represent Marchesi's wish to use his popularity as an opera singer to push in front of the audience a more all-round image of himself as an artist.

The programme is rounded off with brilliant instrumental pieces for fortepiano and harps by female composers Anne-Marie Krumpholz (1766-1824) and Veronika Rosalia Cianchettini (17691833) who worked with Marchesi in London.


  1. Name
  2. Luigi Marchesi: Ariette Op. 1
  3. Ariette Op. 2: Auretta Grata (no. 5)
  4. Anne-Marie Krumpholtz: A New Introduction And A Piemontois Air With Variations
  5. Luigi Marchesi: Ariette Op. 2
  6. James Cervetto: Duet For Two Violoncellos In C Major (Op. V, 1)
  7. Luigi Marchesi: Ariette Op. 1
  8. Katerina Veronika Anna Dusikova Cianchettin: Sonata For The Pianoforte
  9. Luigi Marchesi: Ariette Op. 1
  10. Anne-Marie Krumpholtz: Minuetto By Krumpholtz, The Variations By Madame De.
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