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Cancao - Music From the Iberian Peninsula

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Cancao - Music From the Iberian Peninsula
Cancao - Music From the Iberian Peninsula


'Cancao Music from the Iberian Peninsula', the new limited-edition album by the BRISK Recorder Quartet Amsterdam, comprises music from many different stylistic periods, from the end of the 15th century to the present day and illustrates the influence of the different cultures which left their traces in Spain and Portugal.

Igor Stravinsky once said, "The only fitting comment on a piece of music is another piece of music," and this thought has also fascinated BRISK for many years. Through the ages, compositions have been arranged for different instruments, embellished, or used as a source of inspiration to write entirely new pieces. Putting early music in new settings is an essential part of the group's identity. The quartet has made many transcriptions and arrangements of both vocal and instrumental compositions, and often writes its own elaborate diminutions for existing pieces. Modern composers including Martijn Padding, Ron Ford, Theo Verbey, Calliope Tsoupaki, Bart Visman, Klaas de Vries, Roderik de Man and many others have been invited by BRISK to write a musical comment on a certain style or composition.

Since their founding in 1986, BRISK has given countless concerts in important concert halls and festivals throughout Europe, Bolivia, Canada and the USA. BRISK has recorded for radio and television both in the Netherlands and abroad, as well as recording ten CDs that have been well received by both press and public.


  1. Name
  2. De Penalosa: O lux beata trinitas
  3. De Penalosa: Sanctorum meritis
  4. Levelt: Romanza Belinfante (version 1)
  5. De Cristo: Tristis est anima
  6. Vazquez: Ay Ay
  7. Oritz: Sumens illud ave
  8. Carreira: Cancao a quattro glosada
  9. Obradors: from: Canciones clasicas espanolasCon amores, la mi madre
  10. De Escobar: Sumens illud ave
  11. Coelho: Versos sobre Ave maris stella
  12. De Victoria: Versos sobre Ave maris stella
  13. Coelho: Segunda Susana grosada
  14. Capon: From: Baladas Gallegas Negra Sombra
  15. Guerrero: Todo quanto pudo dar
  16. Del Encina: Senora de hermesura
  17. De Anchieta: Con amores, la mi madre
  18. Numen: Vientos Ibericos
  19. De Cabezon: Ancor che col partire
  20. De Cabezon: Por un plasir
  21. De Cabezon: Dulce memoriae
  22. Levelt: Romanza Belinfante (version 2)
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