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Hellendaal: Violin Sonatas

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The new album from violinist Antoinette Lohmann and Furor Musicus presents the world premiere recordings of various Sonatas by Dutch composer Pieter Hellendaal.

The work of the Rotterdam-born Pieter Hellendaal (1721-1799) has so far not been widely played or recorded. Antoinette Lohmann and Furor Musicus, always on the lookout for rare repertoire, have now recorded a complete album of violin sonatas by Hellendaal, boasting as many as seven world premiere recordings, including a rousing hornpipe. This album is available in a hand-numbered edition limited to 1000 copies.

Antoinette Lohmann's previous album for Globe Records, Phantasia Musica (GLO 5265) has earned international critical acclaim. She is the principal teacher of the Historical Performance department in Utrecht and has a special interest in unusual instruments such as the viola d'amore, the tenor violin, the violino piccolo and the viola pomposa. Furor Musicus was founded by Antoinette in 2008.

Personnel Antoinette Lohmann - Violin Jorn Boysen - Harpsichord Maria Sanchez Ramirez - Cello Jan Hollestelle - Violone Harjo Neutkens - Lute Tonia Strauch Hinnerck Fedderssen Furor Musicus


  1. Name
  2. Sonata III, Op. 1 - Largo
  3. Sonata III, Op. 1 - Allegro
  4. Sonata III, Op. 1 - Allegro assai
  5. Sonata V, Op. 2 - Andante
  6. Sonata V, Op. 2 - Allegro assai
  7. Sonata V, Op. 2 - Allegro
  8. Sonata IV, Op. 2 - Andante
  9. Sonata IV, Op. 2 - Allegro assai
  10. Sonata IV, Op. 2 - Allegro
  11. Sonata III, Op. 4 - Affetuoso
  12. Sonata III, Op. 4 - Allegro
  13. Sonata III, Op. 4 - Pastorale
  14. Sonata IV, Op. 4 - Adagio
  15. Sonata IV, Op. 4 - Allegro
  16. Sonata IV, Op. 4 - Allegro
  17. Sonata VII, Fitzwilliam Manuscript - Largo
  18. Sonata VII, Fitzwilliam Manuscript - Allegro
  19. Sonata VII, Fitzwilliam Manuscript - Allegretto
  20. Sonata X, Fitzwilliam Manuscript - Adagio
  21. Sonata X, Fitzwilliam Manuscript - Andante
  22. Sonata X, Fitzwilliam Manuscript - Allegretto
  23. Sonata X, Fitzwilliam Manuscript - Allegro
  24. Hornpipe, Fitzwilliam Manuscript
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