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The 2nd volume of TR/ST's "The Destroyer" double album.It has been five years since TR/ST released 2014's Joyland. In an industry thatprioritizes constant momentum, taking time to slow down and focus on the creativeprocess could pose a risk of losing audiences, but for his third album, Robert Alfonschallenged himself to remain patient and careful; dedicated to both healing himself andensuring that he was delivering his most cohesive work. Now, 2019 is poised to be themost momentous year yet, and he's just starting to see the excitement unfurl.In April, TR/ST released Part 1 of The Destroyer, a double-album in two parts, andembarked on a North American/European tour in the spring. Any doubts regarding theproject's reach were quickly relieved after a sold out tour including shows in New York, LA,London, Berlin, two nights in Paris and Mexico City, among others. "The level of fanenthusiasm and the intensity of their love at shows was much grander than I expected.And that really surprised and moved me," Alfons says. Now gearing up for a second US/international tour in the fall, in anticipation of the release of The Destroyer: Part 2 inNovember, Alfons is excited to share his slow growth in full bloom: playing bigger venues,attracting new listeners, showing his evolving sound.In a time of impending automation, TR/ST's music encapsulates the erratic conflictsof the human soul. This emotional complexity is what keeps their discography relevantover many years, and their fans closely engaged. Alfons delivers a hypnotic journey, timeless nostalgia, to a resonant place of feeling that bears returning.TR/ST will release The Destroyer - Part 2 on November 1st 2019, coinciding with aNorth American and European tour in the fall."Destroyer" is the second single and title track from TR/ST's new LP The Destroyer - 2 (outNovember 1).TR/ST (pronounced "Trust") will be releasing the second part of their two part full lengthalbum with us on their label Grouch. Part two, The Destroyer - 2 will be dropping onN
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