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Hjemve - Vocal Folk Music From Folldal

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Hjemve - Vocal Folk Music From Folldal
Hjemve - Vocal Folk Music From Folldal


Hjemve is a Norwegian word for homesickness and is also the title of the Norwegian folk singer Synnove Brondbo Plassen´s debut album. With this release, Synnove wants to highlight the fantastic traditions of vocal folk music from her home area Folldal (a small place in the region of Osterdalen in Norway). Through archive recordings, scores, and oral transmission, she has collected a bunch of tunes from this place, which has resulted in a beautiful debut album, produced by the well-known and award-winning folk musician and composer Gjermund Larsen.

"In this project, I wanted to convey the fantastic vocal folk music in Folldal. I think this music is important in many ways, and I hope me and my voice have added something new to this music", says Plassen.

Growing up in Folldal, Synnove has always been exposed to instrumental folk music. As a singer, she liked to imitate what the fiddlers were playing. Synnove discovered the local tradition of dance music performed vocally as an adult and became taken by the tradition. After some research, several examples of instrumental folk tunes being performed vocally in the past emerged, it also turned out that many musicians had learned to play the fiddle by listening to singers. For example, her great-grandfather, Mikael Plassen (1902-1996), was a fiddler in Folldal who learned tunes after his mother's singing.

Synnove Brondbo Plassen is a Norwegian folk musician, singer, educator, and is currently taking a master´s degree in music performance of folk music at the Norwegian Academy of Music. She has mostly worked with traditional music from Folldal, Osterdalen and Trondelag. Her repertoire ranges from children's songs and psalms to ballads and instrumental music performed vocally. In addition to receiving a number of other talent scholarships and awards, in 2019 she was chosen as the Hilmar talent, which is a national talent award for folk musicians and folk dancers. She has been described as one of the greatest young folk music talents, and is a versatile folk singer through her dissemination of both traditional folk music, arranged folk music, and newly composed music. She has been touring with Bendik Smedasgjelten Qvam on guitars and mandolin.


  1. Name
  2. Bom-Bom-Leiken
  3. Summe Gong
  4. Lars Linkerifot
  5. Springar Etter Melvin Trondsgard
  6. Ha Du Sett Nokor Gammal Kjærring
  7. Vals Etter Lars Tuvan
  8. Skottenes Hjemve
  9. Springleik Etter Mikael Plassen 1
  10. Springleik Etter Mikael Plassen 2
  11. Springleik Etter Mikael Plassen 3
  12. Neimen Um E Ville
  13. Liahuggude
  14. Bruremarsj Etter Mikael Plassen
  15. Springleik Etter Marit Husom Og Tulla Talleras - 1
  16. Pols Etter Melvin Trondsgard
  17. Sprinlgeik Etter Marit Husom Og Tulla Talleras 2
  18. Sigrid Sanden
  19. Va Det Du, Hell Va Det E?
  20. Halling Etter Thorvald Trondsgard
  21. Vetl-Jornleike
  22. Ingen Synnafjelling
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