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London Is The Place For Me 3 & 4

Compact Disc (Audio)
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London Is The Place For Me 3 & 4
London Is The Place For Me 3 & 4


Double pack re-issue of 3rd and 4th Volumes of the acclaimed London is the Place for Me compilation series. Comes in custom packaging. 'an exquisitely poignant, evocative record', Daily Telegraph 'wonderful... album of the year', Sunday Times 'simply a classic album. Music by the people, for the people,' The Voice. '... a witty and joyous testament to the creative power of popular culture and a document of more innocent times. It constitutes one of the best starting points for that rich, unfinished history of the black British diaspora and its intricate interweaving with British life that remains to be written' (Stuart Hall, The Guardian). '... Not only is it a momentous record of real historical significance, but it comes in a finely produced sleeve with evocative photographs, background notes and recording details that bring the performances on the disc to life even more... a unique and marvellous compilation that lays open a whole era' (Chris Searle, Morning Star). 'superlative', Mojo 'sensational', The Observer '*****' The Times, Metro 'sheer joy from start to finish', Sunday Telegraph


  1. Name
  2. Ginger Johnson - Egyptian Bint Al Cha Cha
  3. Young Tiger - African Dream
  4. Dorothy Masuka - Zoo Lake
  5. Lord Kitchener - Rock N Roll Calypso
  6. Cab Kaye - Don't You Go Away
  7. Shake Keane - Mambo Indio
  8. Lord Kitchener - Alphonso In Town
  9. Eric Hayden - Give Her The No.1
  10. Enoch and Christy Mensah - Dakuku Dum
  11. Dorothy Masuka - Khauleza
  12. Lord Kitchener - Is Trouble
  13. Victor Coker - Ilu Oyinbo Dara
  14. Young Growler - V For Victory
  15. The African Messengers - Highlife Piccadilly
  16. Cab Kaye - Everything Is Go
  17. Young Tiger - Chicken And Rice
  18. Nat Atkins - Darling Don't Say No
  19. Lord Kitchener - Piccadilly Folk
  20. Ginger Johnson - African Jazz Cha Cha
  21. West African Rhythm Brothers - Oba Adele
  22. Nigerian Union Rhythm Group - The Wind In A Frolic
  23. West African Rhythm Brothers - Iku Koni Payin
  24. Ayinda Bakare And His Meranda Orchestra - Ibikunle Alakija
  25. West African Rhythm Brothers - Omo Laso
  26. West African Rhythm Brothers - Calabar-O
  27. West African Rhythm Brothers - Emi Wa Wa Lowo Re
  28. West African Rhythm Brothers - Iwa D'Arekere
  29. West African Rhythm Brothers - Ominira
  30. Nigerian Union Rhythm Group - The Memorial Of Chief J.K. Randle
  31. West African Rhythm Brothers - Mofi Ajobi Seyin
  32. Nigerian Union Rhythm Group - Unity
  33. Nigerian Union Rhythm Group - Oratido Soso
  34. West African Rhythm Brothers - Ayami
  35. West African Rhythm Brothers - Oba Ademola II
  36. West African Rhythm Stars - Late Ojo Davies
  37. West African Rhythm Stars - Geneva Conference  
  38. West African Rhythm Brothers - Ele Da Awa
  39. West African Rhythm Brothers - Aye Wa Adara
  40. West African Rhythm Brothers - Lagos Mambo
  41. West African Rhythm Brothers - Odudua
  42. West African Rhythm Brothers - I Am A Stranger
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