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Volume Two ~ Only The Strong Survive 1988-2015: 4CD Clamshell Boxset

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Volume Two ~ Only The Strong Survive 1988-2015: 4CD Clamshell Boxset
Volume Two ~ Only The Strong Survive 1988-2015: 4CD Clamshell Boxset


  • In the history of Belgian heavy metal there are just a handful of bands who stand apart as being influential and impressive; of these, Killer are perhaps the most crucial of all. While there have been others – notably Acid, Ostragoth, Crossfire and FN Guns – who have all made their impact, it is Killer who are regarded as the most important metal name ever to come out of Belgium.


  • Our highly influential heavy metal heroes originally formed in 1980, by Paul "Shorty" Van Camp on lead guitar and lead vocals, "Fat Leo" on drums and "Spooky" on bass guitar and lead vocals. Inspired by the UK’s New Wave Of British Heavy Metal scene that gave us Iron Maiden, Saxon and Diamond Head, Killer’s heavy and aggressive sound, alloyed to their power trio format, led to favourable, and not unfounded comparisons to Motörhead. After a mere four months they released “Ready For Hell” on WEA, becoming a cult draw across Europe. They would release “Wall Of Sound” in 1981, “Shock Waves” in 1984 and “Fatal Attraction” in 1990, all of which have been collected together by HNE Recordings on KILLER: Volume One - The Mausoleum Years Boxset 1980-1990 [HNEBOX114].


  • Although the advent of grunge put Killer on hiatus for the remainder of the 1990s, the band reformed around Paul "Shorty" Van Camp for 2003’s “Broken Silence”, happily resurrecting their classic 80s metal sound, but now augmented by the inclusion of keyboards, reflecting the influence of the classic hard rock of Deep Purple and Uriah Heep. Killer now featured a line-up completed by Spin on bass, Vanne on drums and Dave on keyboards.


  • The same band recorded the follow-up in 2005 with “Immortal”, continuing the keyboard augmented sound developed on “Broken Silence”, and with “Shorty” now the sole vocalist.


  • There was a ten year gap before 2015’s “Monsters Of Rock”, with a band featuring Jakke on bass and vocals and Vanne on drums. Without the inclusion of keyboards, Killer returned to their more metal driven sound. 


  • As an extra bonus, this set is rounded off with Paul "Shorty" Van Camp’s 1988 solo offering “Too Wild To Tame”. With “Shorty” taking vocals and lead guitar, he was joined by Olaf Van Deuren on rhythm guitar, Apache on vocals and bass, plus former Killer bandmate “Double Bear” on drums. The set includes liner notes from Classic Rock’s Malcolm Dome based on new interviews with Paul "Shorty" Van Camp. Killer are currently working on an album new of new record


  1. Name
  2. Broken Silence
  3. Crash And Burn
  4. Time Machine
  5. Dancing With The Devil
  6. In The Land Of The Pharaoh
  7. High In The Mountains
  8. The Answer
  9. Only The Strong Survive
  10. Hear My Calling
  11. A Matter Of Time
  12. The Run Of The Chupacabra (Instrumental) Part 1 (Exploring The Stratosphere) / Part 2 (The Escape)
  13. Lethal Virus
  14. Immortal
  15. Frozen Fire - Burning Ice
  16. Stone Cold
  17. The Mirror
  18. Queen Of The Future
  19. Highland Glory
  20. Touch Of Evil
  21. Drifting Away
  22. Easy Rider
  23. Always And Forever
  24. Liquid Shadows
  25. Ad Tempus Vitae
  26. Monsters Of Rock
  27. Exception To The Rule
  28. Shotgun Symphony
  29. Back To The Roots
  30. No Way Out
  31. Danger Zone
  32. Firestorm
  33. Deaf, Blind And Dumb
  34. Forever Metal
  35. Children Of Desperation
  36. Hold Your Head Up High
  37. Making Magic
  38. The Reactor
  39. Rock City
  40. Fake
  41. Ouverture
  42. The Call Of Nature
  43. Alone In The Night
  44. Crazy Circus
  45. From Nine To Five
  46. Striders Of The Leather Brigade
  47. Chinese Woman
  48. Too Wild To Tame
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