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The New England Archives Box: Vol 1: 5CD Clamshell Boxset

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The New England Archives Box: Vol 1: 5CD Clamshell Boxset
The New England Archives Box: Vol 1: 5CD Clamshell Boxset


  • The short lived New England originally formed around the Boston area in the late 1970s, featuring John Fannon on guitar and lead vocals, Jimmy Waldo on keyboards, Hirsh Gardner on drums and Gary Shea on bass guitar. After being discovered by famed KISS manager Bill Aucoin, their self-titled debut was issued by Infinity Records in 1979, and produced by KISS’s Paul Stanley, produced along with famed Queen, Asia and Journey producer Mike Stone. The tracks ‘Hello, Hello, Hello’ (UK No. 69) and ‘Don't Ever Wanna Lose Ya’ (US No. 40) began to pick up plenty of airplay on AOR radio in the States as the band headed out on a major arena tour opening for KISS. Switching to Elektra Records, New England followed their debut in 1980 with “Explorer Suite”, this time co-produced by Mike Stone with singer and principle songwriter, John Fannon. The title track, plus ‘Livin’ In The Eighties’ were released as singles, but didn’t quite manage to capitalise on the airplay from the first LP. “Walking Wild”, their third and final album, also for Elektra, was released in 1981 and produced by Todd Rundgren. With ‘Don't Ever Let Me Go’, ‘DDT’ and ‘Get It Up’ released as singles, the album had a more harder rocking approach, but unfortunately the band split up shortly after its release, in 1982.


  • Hirsh Gardner, Jimmy Waldo and Gary Shea would initially put together the short lived Warrior with Vincent Cusano (better known as KISS’s Vinnie Vincent), before Waldo and Shea joined Graham Bonnet in Alcatrazz in 1983, initially with guitar virtuoso Yngwie J. Malmsteen, and then Steve Vai, whilst Gardner went into production work, and eventually a solo career.


  • Despite the slim catalogue of work New England left in their short time together, thankfully they did leave behind plenty of demo recordings and outtakes, collected here for the very first time on “The New England Archives Box Volume 1”. Starting with 10 tracks recorded at Earmark Studios in Philadelphia in 1978, highlights of Disc One are 'Alone Tonight', 'Hello, Hello, Hello' and 'Turn Out The Light'. 


  • The first half of Disc Two was recorded at Blizzard Studios, and kicks off with 'P.U.N.K. (Puny Undernourished Kid)'; the second half of CD2 returns to more recordings from 1978 Earmark Studios, plus 'Familiar Faces', a very rare track recorded at Intermedia Studios in Boston in 1975. 


  • Disc Three features a rough mix of their self-titled debut, and closes with 'Last Show' and 'Don't Ever Wanna Lose Ya' from London's legendary Trident Studios. 


  • Disc Four is made up of rough mixes for the second LP, "Explorer Suite", plus 'It’s Never Too Late' mixed by Jim Boyer in 1980. The real treat is seven tracks from the band Target, featuring both John Fannon & Kenny Melle vocals, who would eventually transform into New England. 


  • Disc Five is made up of mono versions and alternative demos, including 'Back On The Streets Again', 'Headchopper' and 'Heat Of The Ocean'.


  • "The New England Archives Box Vol 1" has been drawn and compiled from the band's own collections of tapes and personal recordings, and features a number of rare and never before seen photos and imagery.




  1. Name
  2. Alone Tonight  
  3. Nothing To Fear  
  4. Candy  
  5. I Will Be There
  6. Shoot  
  7. Don't Ever Wanna Lose Ya  
  8. Hello, Hello, Hello
  9. Even When I'm Away  
  10. Searchin'  
  11. Turn Out The Light
  12. P.U.N.K. (Puny Undernourished Kid)
  13. Hey You're On The Run
  14. Shall I Run Away
  15. I Let You Love Me
  16. Bite The Bullet 
  17. Youll Be Born Again
  18. Turn Out The Light
  19. Searchin
  20. I Will Be There
  21. Candy
  22. Even When I'm Away
  23. Nothing To Fear
  24. It's So Easy
  25. Familiar Faces
  26. Hello, Hello, Hello
  27. Shoot
  28. Nothing To Fear
  29. Alone Tonight
  30. Don't Ever Wanna Lose Ya
  31. Shall I Run Away
  32. P.U.N.K. (Puny Undernourished Kid)
  33. The Last Show
  34. Encore
  35. Turn Out The Light
  36. Last Show   
  37. Don't Ever Wanna Lose Ya
  38. Seal It With A Kiss
  39. It's Never Too Late
  40. Livin In The Eighties
  41. Hope
  42. Conversation
  43. No Place To Go
  44. Hey You're On The Run
  45. Honey Money
  46. Searchin
  47. You'll Be Born Again
  48. Seal It With A Kiss
  49. Its Never Too Late (Jim Boyer Mix 1980)
  50. Rock Is Here To Stay (John Fannon & Kenny Melle Vocals)
  51. Little Girl (John Fannon Vocals)
  52. Is This What You Want (John Fannon & Kenny Melle Vocals)
  53. Nothing To Fear (John Fannon & Kenny Melle Vocals)
  54. Mixed Feeling (John Fannon & Kenny Melle Vocals)
  55. Love Of My Own (John Fannon Vocals)
  56. Goodbye Goodbye (John Fannon Vocals)
  57. Angel (Mono)              
  58. Back On The Streets Again    
  59. Headchopper (Mono)
  60. Heat Of The Ocean (Mono)
  61. How Can I Let You Know (Mono)
  62. M In The Middle       
  63. Im Not Down (Mono)
  64. Love Never Stops (Mono)
  65. Marlena (Stereo)        
  66. Marlena (Mono)
  67. Take Another Ride (Stereo)
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