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Go Now and Live (10th Anniversary Vinyl Pressing)

Long Play Vinyl
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Go Now and Live (10th Anniversary Vinyl Pressing)
Go Now and Live (10th Anniversary Vinyl Pressing)


2021 marks 10 years since the release of We Are The Ocean's second album, 'Go Now And Live', which features long-term fan favourites such as 'The Waiting Room', 'What It Feels Like' and 'Now And Then'. To celebrate the occasion, we're pressing the album onto vinyl for the very first time, and in a beautiful two-colour splatter limited variant, and including the rare bonus track 'Distances'.Vocalist/guitarist Liam Cromby has taken this opportunity to look back at the album's initial release, and subsequent impact:"Before beginning to write Go Now and Live, we had just released a 4 track E.P with some of our most melodic songs so far 'Lucky Ones' and 'Playing my heart'. We also had been on the road with bands like Funeral For a Friend, People in Planes, Mayday Parade, Canterbury, Straight Lines - bands that had big, melodic, anthems. We also had a new touring crew with us at the time which brought new music to our ears, listening to bands like The Draft, Hot Water Music. We were also listening to The Police and The Beatles, a lot at the time. Inspired and hungry to grow as a band, we fearlessly set out to write our most melodic material so far in the band's career. Not only were we set on writing big anthems but we also had matured in ourselves and felt the need to write more direct and honest lyrics. We were on the road endlessly at the time and so had to write when we could . 'What It feels like' was the first idea to come through - a song written as a conversation with myself. 'Runaway' was written in the front room of our tour managers house in Leeds (we stayed there a lot during this time). With Leeds being the home of Slam Dunk, bands from the scene were coming through all the time, most of them staying at this house. We were in the thick of it!'Trouble is Temporary, Time is Tonic' came a week before heading to the studio. With the material we had so far we knew we had to have an opening song to the album that would match with the rest of the album and so came the opening line "I would like to say som


  1. Name
  2. Trouble Is Temporary, Time Is Tonic
  3. Godspeed
  4. What It Feels Like
  5. Now & Then
  6. The Waiting Room
  7. Follow What You Need
  8. Runaway
  9. Before I Die
  10. Trials and Tribulations
  11. Distances
  12. Overtime Is A Crime

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