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Youre Lucky God, That I Can

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Youre Lucky God, That I Can
Youre Lucky God, That I Can


Splitting up in 2011, members of Down I Go found themselves scattered across the globe - Chicago, Toronto, Stockholm - taking on different roles in the music industry, or being done with the whole scene altogether. It wasn € t until early 2014 that a message came to the their all but defunct Facebook page, requesting the all-but-dead, rapidly aging experimental hardcore act reunite for an adventure that would surely kill them all. The message, sent from the owner of flj tstunga travel farm (in Iceland, no less) and longtime Down I Go Fan Halld r Hei ar Bjarnason, inquired if the band would be interested in spending weeks on his farm, with the purpose of recording a followup to 2010 € s critically acclaimed, absolutely menacing Gods. Going in blind, and coming from very different corners of the world, the London three-piece reunited for the first time in almost five years. During nine days of isolation, buried in the colds and wilds of rural Iceland, the album was written in painstaking fashion. The result: You € re Lucky God, That I Cannot Reach You, a gory, gnarly, epic, unrelenting 32 minute fever dream.As an evolution of their sound, Down I Go opted to build on the themes present in their lyrics by adding full brass arrangements - a first for the band. The result is a glorious sound that is bigger than anything the London act had accomplished previously.


  1. Name
  2. Mother In The Pen
  3. The Serpent of Lagart
  4. The Hired Hand & The Lake Dwellers
  5. The Slaying of Skeggi
  6. Of Marbendill
  7. Strike It While It's Still On My Nose
  8. My Old Lady Wants Something For Her Whorl
  9. An Outlaw Killed
  10. Drangey Consecrated
  11. The Sending
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