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Reveal and Rise

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Reveal and Rise
Reveal and Rise


Experimental electronic duo made up of pianist Christian Wallumrød and his younger brother, the drummer Fredrik Wallumrød.

The opening track, "Easier Listening", sets the scene. An almost reggae-like groove - part electronic rimshot and kick-drum, part industrial piledriver and life-support bleep, perhaps - develops a rich organic life of its own over the 2 minutes and 46 seconds of its brief life-span.

In one sense, nothing - or nearly nothing - happens. In another, there's a universe in its grain of sand. And so it goes on, each track revealing more and more information with each subsequent listen. For all its seeming randomness, music like this doesn't just happen. What might seem on the surface like chance events are actually compositional strategies (even when they are also, at least partly, chance events too). We have to credit the broad range of experience in the varied careers of Christian Wallumrød and Fredrik Wallumrød as both composers and instrumentalists (in other lives Christian is a pianist; Fredrik a drummer; both have long and impressive discographies).

They take joint credit for all of the contents of 'Reveal and Rise', co-composing and playing drum machines, synths and electronics. It's also necessary to register the very important contributions made by Helge Sten, who mastered the album, and Johnny Skalleberg and Stig Gunnar Ringen who made the initial recordings, with Skalleberg also mixing all tracks. Together, they form the anti-techno production team.


  1. Name
  2. Easier Listening
  3. Mi Tek No
  4. Your House
  5. Stand to downfalls
  6. Hide and Sink
  7. Fallfinish
  8. Push Push
  9. Haydnsikh
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