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Miles To Go

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Miles To Go
Miles To Go


It was autumn of 2011when bassist Justine Gardner decided to sign on with the Todd Wolfe Band. Todd, drummer Roger Voss, and numerous musicians have covered thousands of miles through the years as TWB since Todd decided to head out on his own after his stint with The Sheryl Crow Band. When Todd received a phone call from old friend Ben Elliot at Showplace Studios about making a new album, Todd did not hesitate! The time was right to come in to make a new album! So "Miles To Go" it is! Three of the album's songs, "Nuthin' But You", "Against the Wall," and "Locket Full of Dreams," were grooves that the band were jamming on at sound-checks while on tour and eventually penned by Todd into stories. "Forty Four" was a song by Chester Burnett, a.k.a. Howlin' Wolf, that Todd had been performing off and on since his West Coast time back in the nineties . Another cover on the album was George Harrison's "The Inner Light," which was the B-side of the Beatles single "Lady Madonna." The other cover on the album is Marc Cohn's "Valley of the Kings," a song Todd had only heard recently and thought would fit the band's style. While penning the lyrics for "Locket," Todd says every time he picked up the guitar instead of getting the song finished, he'd start playing a riff that eventually became "Sunnyvale," which is an ode to a woman from the town of Sunnyvale, California. "Day To Day" is a song that Todd wrote some time ago, but upon hearing an old demo decided to "brush it off and do a little bit of a re-write as the main message was quite relevant to the times we live in." "Livin' On A Dream." another song penned by Todd, was another result of life experiences and gives the album some of that "Red-Dirt" sound. "Come What May" is Todd's first recording of a Reggae styled song and brings a nice change of pace and a different energy. Todd penned "I Stand Alone." from which the album's title, "Miles To Go" was derived, after his recent life changes and ongoing travels, a wistful and gentle song that was chosen for the album as Todd wanted some balance of material.


  1. Name
  2. Nuthin' But You
  3. Sunnyvale
  4. Locket Full of Dreams
  5. Forty Four
  6. Day to Day
  7. Stay With Me Baby
  8. Against the Wall
  9. I Stand Alone
  10. Come What May
  11. Valley of the Kings
  12. Livin' On a Dream
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