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Things We Don't Talk About

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Things We Don't Talk About
Things We Don't Talk About


Bonander is the shorthand for Ellinor Sterner Bonander. Sporting the role of musician, arranger and producer, the native Swede is a woman unchained, injecting darkness into the vein of candied pop with her tropes of existentialism and feminist revolt.

Following the arc of Backseat and Martha, Bonanders latest single, Gone In The Wind leads the way for the album with its emotional outpour of lost sisterhood. Tribal thrashes of drums, pipe organ and soaring vocals combine to manifest the pain and frustration at the heart of the song.

She says, The song is about abandonment of a person who's been like a sister to you, someone you admire and cherish The pipe organ and strings are the most emotional instrumentation I can think of. They represent that suppressed feeling of anger and frustration, that later in the song is set free.

The album tells the stories of women both from history and her personal life whose contributions have previously been overlooked. The idea for the album is to create a musical, cinematic and dramatic journey full of contrast between intimate string sections and huge synth landscapes, between mechanical rhythms and flowing tempos. The lyrics will together speak of the identities and emotional life of different women, both through private and historical perspectives. All of the songs discuss subjects concerning women that ought to be talked about more, but sadly are not..." // Bonander


  1. Name
  2. Never Ask
  3. Gone in the Wind
  4. Martha
  5. Statue
  6. Ms Mitchell
  7. Backseat
  8. Slumber Love
  9. Annie
  10. Then Im Dead
  11. Mother
  12. Silent Lights
  13. Ode
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