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Blood And Fire

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Blood And Fire
Blood And Fire


The Brides of the Black Room is an artistic collective existing for the sole purpose of serving our eternal Mother. The harder the outside world has tried to destroy, the harder the collective has become. For every blow, they have grown stronger. After releasing their self-titled 4-track prologue and debut EP in January to much praise, The Brides of the Black Room directly followed that with several singles from upcoming album Blood & Fire.

A secret society, existing as nothing more than a whisper through history, "The Brides of the Black room" has begun its unmasking. Once hunted as witches, now claiming the title as their birthright, the coven seeks to bring balance to the shadows they've had to call their home. Serving the omnipotent entity they know as "Mother", the Brides moves into daylight, taking up arms against any that would see them brought back down into obscurity.

After revealing the identities of Ginger Kahn aka Tom Åsberg (previously of Priest), Carolina Lindahl (previously of The Operating Tracks) and Lea Alazam (singer in Besvärjelsen and former live drummer of REIN), the collective is now ready to release the ten parts first chapter in their story; the debut full length album called Blood & Fire.


  1. Name
  2. Fire Disciple
  3. Blood
  4. Mother Mother
  5. Throne
  6. Apple
  7. Sirens
  8. Rise Up
  9. Intruder
  10. The Unknown
  11. Watch me Burn
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