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Close Your Eyes (LP)

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Close Your Eyes (LP)
Close Your Eyes (LP)


Kirsten Knicks music is much like waking dreams: throbbing synths, cascading piano and crystalline, ethereal vocals pull us deep into a stargazing pop sound that ruminates on life, death, love and rebirth. As driving beats and luscious synth arrangements propel the song forward, Knick occupies that tentative bridge between ethereal ambience and a lucid dreamlike experience that aims to excite the hairs on the back of your neck and poses eternal questions such as 'Do we ever really die?' (Live One Life). Even though there are no easy answers to these big questions and her music is often draped in a veil of melancholy, Kirsten remains hopeful and philosophical as she embodies her artist persona - all-mighty, all-knowing, eternal and omnipresent, conjuring up a feeling of pure warmth that touches the soul and breathes life into every beat.

Having cut her teeth as an artist by performing with the likes of Spiritualized and Hot Chip over the last few years, V?luspa is seen as more of a Beach House meets Lana Del Rey kind of artist. With already a strong buzz floating around her, noticed by world covering magazines such as The Hype Magazine, The Line of Best Fit, IMPOSE and PAPER Magazine. Who is: With a childhood spent in the San Francisco bay on horseback, surrounded by trees and immersed in witchcraft lore, Kirsten Knick's divine influences have long been her guiding light. This mystic, nature-bound upbringing shines through all her songs: otherworldly dream-pop beamed directly from the ether realm.

After discovering punk-rock through her high school sweetheart, Kirsten Knick found herself infatuated with life; experiencing good music, love, and the world of drinking and drugs. It was the songs, years, lovers, jobs, travels and journeys that resulted in a breakdown in NYC, where she found herself spectating her life once again. Realising that substances had been stealing the richest nutrients of her craft, she eventually put pen to paper and turned her experiences and emotions into songs.


  1. Name
  2. Feel Like I?m Taking You On
  3. Leave Me Alone
  4. Miss You Too
  5. Life?s A Placebo
  6. Live One Life
  7. He Said
  8. Holiness
  9. It?s Only A Ride
  10. Feel You
  11. Gates Of Time
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