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It might be a little hasty to take Cubenx's second LP title Elegiac literally. One could expect some lyrical outpouring, or a somewhat too familiar personal melodrama, but that's not what Cesar Urbina means by that.

On the contrary, this elegy is about saying goodbye to the past with satisfaction and inventing a different present, in an emancipating, proud gesture. A shifting figure in the Infine 769; staple, the Mexican first practiced on moody electro-techno, then exposed his heartbroken teenager's soul, secluded in his bedroom with 4AD's entire back catalogue, on a varied, nevertheless introverted first LP.

Devoid of any nostalgia or self-indulgence for his past achievements, Cubenx has gone elsewhere now. Constantly on the move between Mexico, Brussels, Paris and Berlin for the last few years, he experienced a form of nomadism that thrusted him into a new era and prompted him to question everything up to his artistic identity. The most adventurous composition on this new record, A Sheltering Sky, best embodies the topic as it borrows its title from a post-colonial literature classic that turned famous when adapted in a movie starring John Malkovich. This romantic lifestyle that glorifies travelling has been captured in one of its cult quotes, that Cubenx naturally identifies with: « we're not tourists, we're travelers: tourists are someone who thinks about going home on the moment they arrive, whereas a traveler might not come back at all. »

As an expression of this ever-shifting state and no-return mindset, unpredictability reigns over Elegiac, a powerful, fully-bloomed machine whose movements are epic and orchestration intricate. Far from the techno scope he first operated on, and not so close to the shoegazing fixation that haunted him until recently, Cubenx's style has been shattered to pieces and recollected around new elements, some of them gleaned on the road. On tour in UK a while ago, the producer got struck by the freshness and boldness of some obscure.


  1. Name
  2. F.All
  3. Drizzling Lemon Pearls (feat. Cyane´) Treasures
  4. Our Fire
  5. Flaneur
  6. Banquet (feat. Pris Wayland)
  7. Blindfold (feat. Yasmine Hamdan)
  8. Ryo
  9. Peacefully Sinking (feat. Born In Flamez)
  10. Roßbach
  11. A Sheltering Sky
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