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Self Fulfilling Prophecy

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Self Fulfilling Prophecy
Self Fulfilling Prophecy


French by way of Berlin DJ/producer La Fraicheur finally delivers with a first 9-track album, 'Self-Fulfilling Prophecy', her first release on the InFiné label. This remarkably dense, dancefloor-oriented album oscillates between techno, ambient and electronic music, a mesmeric yet pounding effort that gets the body and the mind moving.

While this album was primarily produced in Berlin, where La Fraicheur has been living for the past six years, it also owes a debt to Detroit. Over the summer of 2017, the young woman was privy to a six-week residence at Underground Resistance mythical studios. There, she alternated between immersive work sessions, surrounded by the machine that birthed some of techno culture's most iconic tracks, and long bike ride among the city's deserted highways and luxuriating abandoned gardens. She also met Mike Banks, the label's mythical figure: 'one of the most important meetings in my life'. She ventured into the adjacent General Motors Fisher Plant to record takes, which make up the raw material for the track 'Plant 21'.

'I want to use moments of dancing to stimulate a bit of political awakening' she says, and, speaking of her album in particular, (on which are scattered various samples of politically explicit content (for example, excerpts from an interview with Angela Davis). While 'Self Fulfilling Prophecy' clearly aspires to raise awareness, it does so subtly, without ever relegating music to the second class. This is neither 'ready-to-think' or 'ready-to-dance', but an assembly of sophisticated rhythms, sounds and words that it are up to each listener to interpret in their own way. La Fraicheur does not seek to deliver a message, or impose a discourse, but to distil an idea and suggest a relationship to the world a report to the world based on the affirmation of self and acceptance of others in all their differences.


  1. Name
  2. Renegade
  3. Tirana
  4. The Movements
  5. Gone
  6. Morgan La Nuit
  7. The New Is Not Born Yet
  8. Eaux Troubles
  9. Limb By Limb
  10. Plant
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