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Das Stereo Phono-Festival Vol. III

Compact Disc (Audio)
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Das Stereo Phono-Festival Vol. III
Das Stereo Phono-Festival Vol. III


"When STEREO Phono-Festival was released in late 2015, enthusiasm for analogue music reproduction exploded. To experience turntables of all price and performance classes, including many STEREO test devices, on CD, SACD or high-bit files in the best possible sound quality of the format, was a revelation. Each turntable demonstrated a musical highlight from current productions as well as titles with an audiophile history made popular at HiFi fairs. In this respect, the STEREO Phono-Festival also contributes to the preservation and promotion of the audiophile culture. Due to the great response, a second edition followed, based on an identical concept, and the STEREO Phono Festival Vol. III is now available with this double disc box. It delivers 15 digital recordings of turntables, ranging from entry-level to the dream device. The music is available in the highest quality of all three formats. The hybrid SACD runs on every CD and SACD player, with the SACD's DSD data stream coming closest to the high-resolution original PCM source file in 24-bit / 192 kilohertz. A DVD-R offers playback for Phono Festival via the computer. These are the native, completely untreated WAV files of the recordings except for minimal level adjustments. They can be streamed over the network or played directly from the computer in the original uncut quality. For the CD, the high-bit files were scaled down to their format of 16 bit / 44.1 kHz or converted into the DSD format for the SACD layer as a 2.8 megahertz bitstream. Thanks to the uncompromising components and the exhausted digital format, the sound quality of the turntables and their individual character are largely preserved. The pleasure of listening to the extensive booklet adds to the listening pleasure, which represents the musical, tonal and technical sophistication of every turntable / LP combo. This is not primarily about sound comparisons. Rather, the listener finds a casual access to the audiophile appeal and level of analogue preciosis. Have fun with the STEREO Phono Festival Vol. III."


  1. Name
  2. Star Trak: Main Theme
  3. What Kind Of World Is This
  4. A Hundred Wishes
  5. Begin The Beguine
  6. Innocence
  7. Anthiphone Blues
  8. No Problem
  9. Sweet Lucy
  10. The Great City
  11. SPOR (2015 Version)
  12. Besame Mucho
  13. Like It Is
  14. Tristezas
  15. Vincent
  16. Escape Clause
  17. Star Trak: Main Theme
  18. What Kind Of World Is This
  19. A Hundred Wishes
  20. Begin The Beguine
  21. Innocence
  22. Anthiphone Blues
  23. No Problem
  24. Sweet Lucy
  25. The Great City
  26. SPOR (2015 Version)
  27. Besame Mucho
  28. Like It Is
  29. Tristezas
  30. Vincent
  31. Escape Clause
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