We’re happy to report that 99% of customers are able to place an order with us safely and securely without any problem at all. However, some customers may still experience a problem and there are many reasons why, the issue could be due to your internet connection, the device, browser or operating system you use, cookies or java script being dis-abled, a problem with your payment card details, security checks failing, your particular card providers systems being unavailable at the time and more. employs strict security measures with our partner SagePay to protect our customers so we adopt ‘3D Secure’ technology as required by both Visa and Mastercard and ‘SafeKey’ for American Express. These enhanced customer security features are employed on all orders placed with us online and any failure to pass these checks will always result in a failed order. So, before contacting us we advise you please check the following first:

  • Make sure you are using the most up to date version of your web browser and operating system. We support the latest versions of: IE, Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari (Apple), Opera and Internet (Android Tablets).
  • Ensure you are on a secure, wired (preferred) or wireless network (never use an open public wi-fi connection when entering your payment card details?)
  • Mobile phones may not work due to the strict security settings of our website so please try again on a Laptop, PC or Tablet.
  • Corporate firewalls may prevent access to external websites or stop them from working correctly, please try again from a different device.
  • Cookies and Java-Script must be enabled in your browser to process orders as they store your shopping basket information and allow our website to work correctly ( a warning will pop up if you try to complete a purchase without Java-Script enabled).

If all else fails then you can always place an order with us on the phone where we will be happy to process your order safely and securely. Ph: 0800-849-8119 (UK) | +44-208-676-5148.


We have a no squibble. returns policy (subject to our standard terms and conditions) and all goods may be returned back to us within 28 days from date of purchase via our online authorisation system. This can be found in your account order history if a registered customer or via this retrieve order link or on our home page.

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