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Six Star Treats - The Complete Commercially Released Recordings

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Six Star Treats - The Complete Commercially Released Recordings
Six Star Treats - The Complete Commercially Released Recordings


Artie Shaw led one of the great bands of the Swing Era and from that band he formed a small group called The Gramercy 5. Having a 'band within a band' was a popular trend at the time and The Gramercy 5 were one of the best. Spanning a period from 1940 to 1954, this set presents what are are thought to be ALL the commercially released titles by the band. These include the familiar "Begin The Beguine", which became a million seller along with the very popular "Frenesi", also the hits "Summit Ridge Drive" and "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes". With bonus tracks that come from The Gramercy 5's appearances on radio programmes including very rare performances on the Radio Hall Of Fame and Kraft Music Hall, this is a release unsurpassed by any other.


  1. Name
  2. Special Delivery Stomp
  3. Summit Ridge Drive
  4. Keepin' Myself For You
  5. Cross Your Heart
  6. Dr. Livingstone, I Presume
  7. When The Quail Come Back To San Quentin
  8. My Blue Heaven
  9. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
  10. Dr. Livingstone, I Presume
  11. The Grabtown Grapple
  12. The Sad Sack
  13. The Sad Sack
  14. The Grabtown Grapple
  15. I Was Doing All Right
  16. You Took Advantage Of Me
  17. Scuttlebutt
  18. The Gentle Grifter
  19. Mysterioso
  20. Mysterioso
  21. Hop, Skip And Jump
  22. Summit Ridge Drive
  23. Scuttlebutt
  24. Hop, Skip And Jump
  25. The Sad Sack
  26. Summit Ridge Drive
  27. The Grabtown Grapple
  28. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
  29. The Pied Piper Theme
  30. Cross Your Heart
  31. There Must Be Something Better Than Love
  32. Nothin' From Nothin'
  33. Crumbum
  34. The Shekomeko Shuffle
  35. My Kinda Love
  36. Dancing On The Ceiling
  37. Where There's Smoke, There's Fire
  38. My Little Nest Of Heavenly Blue
  39. Besame Mucho
  40. That Old Feeling
  41. Tenderly
  42. Stop And Go Mambo
  43. The Sad Sack
  44. Stop And Go Mambo
  45. Sunny Side Up
  46. Star Dust
  47. The Grabtown Grapple
  48. When The Quail Come Back To San Quentin
  49. Someone To Watch Over Me
  50. Besame Mucho
  51. Love Of My Life
  52. Lyric
  53. The Chaser (Sequence In B Flat)
  54. Autumn Leaves
  55. Back Bay Shuffle
  56. I've Got A Crush On You
  57. Begin The Beguine
  58. Summit Ridge Drive
  59. Dancing In The Dark
  60. Scuttlebutt
  61. I Can't Get Started
  62. Imagination
  63. The Pied Piper Theme
  64. Don't Take Your Love From Me
  65. Cross Your Heart
  66. How High The Moon
  67. Frenesi
  68. The Chaser (Sequence In B Flat)
  69. Rough Ridin'
  70. Dancing On The Ceiling
  71. Autumn Leaves
  72. Crumbum
  73. Sunny Side Up
  74. Imagination
  75. Tenderly
  76. Lugubrious
  77. The Grabtown Grapple
  78. That Old Feeling
  79. Bewitched. Bothered And Bewildered
  80. Rough Ridin'
  81. Dancing On The Ceiling
  82. S'posin'
  83. September Song
  84. Too Marvellous For Words
  85. My Funny Valentine
  86. Yesterdays
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