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The Tide Story - Ruth Christie and Her Strange Exotic Melodies, Chapter 1

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The Tide Story - Ruth Christie and Her Strange Exotic Melodies, Chapter 1
The Tide Story - Ruth Christie and Her Strange Exotic Melodies, Chapter 1


First ever appreciation of the Los Angeles based Tide Records. Founded in 1959 TIDE RECORDS and its subsidiary EDIT (Tide spelled backwards), was a small Los Angeles company with a relatively large output but marginal success. Features many new-to-CD tracks by label owner Ruth Christie, showman Pat Rocco, Larry Bright, Alan Knight, Cathy Saunders, Rena Wright and The Honeycombs. Also includes previously unreleased recordings. With guest appearances from Plas on flute and Ernie Freeman on piano. Comprehensive and historic liner notes by Tide Artist Gary Myers.


  1. Name
  2. Christy Sextet - Bitter Winds
  3. Johnny Daril And The Med-Tones - Come Back
  4. Ruth Christie - My Mother's Eyes
  5. Pat Rocco - Too Darn Hot
  6. Ruth Christie - Strange Exotic Melody
  7. Larry Bright - Mojo Workout (Dance)
  8. Alan Knight - (I Get) Chills
  9. Charles Trent With The Planets - Blue Stamp Blues
  10. Alan Knight - What's The Matter With Young Love
  11. Alan Knight - Bertha Lou
  12. Larry Bright - Twinkie Lee
  13. Tim Welch - A Boy And A Girl In Love
  14. Cathy Saunders - Don't Let 'em Bring You Down
  15. Cathy Saunders - Restless (And Running Wild)
  16. Larry Bright - It Ain't Right
  17. Cathy Saunders - Stop That Lyin'
  18. Gary Myers - If (You'd Only Be Mine)
  19. Larry Bright - (I'm A) Mojo Man
  20. Victor Upshaw - I Remember
  21. Tommy Lee - Farewell To Love
  22. Bobby Martin - My Heart Is Thumpy
  23. Ruth Christie - This Must Be Love
  24. Alan Knight - The Girl With The Wavy Hair
  25. Rena Wright - I'm Just Your Fool
  26. Bobby Charles And The Apollos Forget
  27. The Honeycombs - Strange Kind Of Love
  28. Ruth Christie - Come Back
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