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Mule Skinner Blues

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Mule Skinner Blues
Mule Skinner Blues


This compilation comprises everything that The Fendermen (singer/guitarists Phil Humphrey and Jim Sundquist) recorded together in 1959-60, plus the handful of releases they each cut after splitting in 1961.

Humphrey and Sundquist were classic "One Hit Wonders", with their million-selling, manic reading of Jimmie Rodgers' 'Blue Yodel #8', retitled 'Mule Skinner Blues', a worldwide hit in 1960. It remains one of the very few hit records which is wholly uncategorisable, being neither Country, Rockabilly, R&R, straight Pop, nor a routine novelty disc.

The duo split in 1961 after recording just three 45s and an LP, all of which are nowadays hugely collectable.

Many of these sides are serious collectors' rarities, impossible to find elsewhere on CD, notably their "lost" original 45 recording of 'Mule Skinner Blues'.

This release presents significantly improved sound quality compared to earlier, bootleg CDs which included some of these tracks.


  1. Name
  2. Mule Skinner Blues (Version 1)
  3. Janice
  4. Mule Skinner Blues (Version 2)
  5. Torture
  6. Don't You Just Know It
  7. Beach Party
  8. Heartbreakin' Special
  9. Can't You Wait
  10. Bertha Lou
  11. Honky Tonk
  12. Lonesome Road
  13. Jack Of Diamonds
  14. High Noon
  15. Koo-Koo
  16. Caravan
  17. Mule Skinner Blues (Alt Take)
  18. Torture (Alt Take)
  19. Molly And Ten Brooks (By Jimmy Sun & The Radiants)
  20. Cocaine Blues (By Jimmy Sun & The Radiants)
  21. I'm Movin' On (By Dick Hiorns With Jimmy Sun & The Radiants)
  22. Popeye (By The Fendermen Feat Dave & Izzy)
  23. Don't You Just Know It (By Phil Humphrey, The Fendermen) (Huey Smith)
  24. Galloping Paul Revere (By The Muleskinners)
  25. Rocky Road Blues (By The Muleskinners)
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