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Arrives! / In Action & More

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Arrives! / In Action & More
Arrives! / In Action & More


The Chad Mitchell Trio were one of the most popular, successful and influential groups of the late 50s U.S. Folk revival. They built a big reputation for their political and social commentary, earning notoriety for wicked, biting satire, unswerving support of civil rights, and their commitment to the anti-war movement. This compilation reissues their first two studio albums, "Arrives!" (1959) and "In Action" (1962) - the latter would famously be reissued as "Blowin' In The Wind" the following year. Also features a half-dozen bonus tracks, which includes a pair of cuts from their guest appearance on the "Belafonte Returns To Carnegie Hall" LP (1960). This set is complementary to the earlier Jasmine compilation, "The Chad Mitchell Trio Live", which comprised their first two live albums. Much of this material is difficult to find elsewhere on CD.


  1. Name
  2. Tina
  3. Chevaliers
  4. Walkin' On The Green Grass
  5. Sweet Mary Jo
  6. Pretty Saro
  7. Sally Ann
  8. Up On The Mountain
  9. Paddy
  10. I Do Adore Her
  11. Paddy West
  12. Gallows Tree
  13. Hey Nanine
  14. Vaya Con Dios (Live)
  15. The Ballad Of Herbie Spear (Live)
  16. Devil Road (Live)
  17. Vaichazkem (Vayiven Uziaho) (Live)
  18. The Ballad Of Sigmund Freud (Live)
  19. Leave Me If You Want To
  20. Green Grow The Lilacs
  21. The Story Of Alice - Part 1
  22. The Ides Of Texas (And Dont Fence Me In)
  23. Alice Revisited
  24. The Ballad Of The Greenland Whalers
  25. Alice: Sequel
  26. Blowin' In The Wind
  27. Adios Mi Corazon
  28. Run Run Run
  29. My Guitar
  30. Me Voy Pa Bete
  31. One Day When I Was Lost (Easter Morn)
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