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Here Comes Summer - 1959-1962

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Here Comes Summer - 1959-1962
Here Comes Summer - 1959-1962


Teen idol, Jerry Keller belongs to one of the most unique clubs in UK music history. He is one of the handful of artists over the past 62 years of British chart history who had a number 1 hit and then never graced the charts again. Features many great tracks including "Careful How You Drive, Young Joey" which is a brilliant spin on the 'death disc' sub-genre as in nobody dies but you think they will. From a rock and roll perspective "My Name Ain't Joe" is the best track Jerry ever recorded. And of course we can't ignore Jerry's most famous hit, "Here Comes Summer" which ironically reached No. 1 in the UK charts in October. Jerry Keller may have only had the one big hit but he was far from a "one hit wonder" and if all you ever knew about his work was "Here Comes Summer" then rest assured you are in for a real treat.


  1. Name
  2. Here Comes Summer
  3. Time Has A Way
  4. Loveable
  5. If I Had A Girl
  6. Now, Now, Now
  7. There Are Such Things
  8. American Beauty Rose
  9. Lonesome Lullaby
  10. My Name Aint Joe
  11. White For You And Blues For Me
  12. What More Can I Say
  13. Whole Heartedly
  14. Unchained Melody
  15. Your Cheatin Heart
  16. Sixteen Going On Seventeen
  17. The Girl That I Marry
  18. True Love
  19. Young Love
  20. (Look Over Your Shoulder) Im Walking Behind You
  21. Never Wake Up
  22. Be Careful How You Drive Young Joey
  23. My Year Of Love
  24. Ill Get By
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