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Oom-pah-pah In Hi-fi & Sour Kraut In Hi-fi

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Oom-pah-pah In Hi-fi & Sour Kraut In Hi-fi
Oom-pah-pah In Hi-fi & Sour Kraut In Hi-fi


If music makes you feel good, good music should make you feel better. In the case of the Guckenheimer Sour Kraut Band, however the most delicate nuances recorded here, the opposite seems to be true. This music proves that you can promote good feeling, and even hilarity, with some of the sourest sounds this side of a German village square. Hailing from the San Francisco area, the Guckenheimer Sour Kraut Band were a humorous group of amateur musicians hell bent on bringing joy to anyone who would dare listen as they blasted out their Oom-Pah-Pah polkas on street corners. The group would go on to become increasingly popular in northern California and in later years were invited to such august occasions as opening night of the San Francisco Symphony. All the members of the group were business professionals by day with their most famous member being George Lichty, the nationally syndicated "Grin and Bear It" cartoonist. Oktoberfest comes but once a year but there's no reason to not drink a few steins of beer and enjoy this hilarious, brilliant and indeed very good musicianship all year round.


  1. Name
  2. Trink Mir Noch Ä Tropfche (Have Another Drink)
  3. Gaudeamus
  4. Die Wacht Am Rhein (Germany Forever)
  5. Lauterbach
  6. Rain Rain Polka
  7. Present Arms
  8. Hi-Le-Hi-Lo
  9. Schuhplattler Tanze
  10. Under The Double Eagle
  11. Vilia
  12. Village Tavern Polka
  13. Kommt Ein Vogel Geflogen (Loves Message)
  14. Blue Danube
  15. Bier Her, Bier Her (Come On With The Beer)
  16. Alte Kameraden March
  17. Poet And Peasant Overture
  18. Ach Ich Bin So Müde Polka
  19. Hamburger Waltz
  20. Warum So Schnell Gallop
  21. Gesellschafts Lieder
  22. Hortensie Polka
  23. Lestudiantina
  24. Wien-Wien
  25. Tinker Polka
  26. Skaters Waltz
  27. Sobra Las Olas
  28. Springtime Polka
  29. Wiener Blut
  30. Tyroler Waltz
  31. Der Lustige Musikant Polka
  32. Drink Mein Liebling
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