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Aladdin's Rockin' Cave - 30 Rockin' Rhythm & Blues Platters from Aladdin Records 1947-1960

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Aladdin Records was one of the earliest indie labels in Los Angeles to specialise in blues, R&B, rock & roll, hillbilly and other non-mainstream musical genres, originally formed in 1945 as Philo Records, the 30 tracks on this unique set span 1946-1960, and feature an eclectic range of both well-known and obscure performers.

Many of the more rocking titles herein became popular in Europe during the 1970s rockabilly revival.

Featured artists include celebrated names like Velma Nelson, Peppermint Harris, Harold Burrage, Chuck Higgins, Lowell Fulson, Dolores Gibson, Gene & Eunice, Marvin & Johnny and Sugar & Pee Wee (Sugar, being Sugar Pie De Santo), while Patti Anne, The Spence Sisters, Arthur 'Fatso' Theus, The Jivers, Big T Tyler and Charles Sims occupy the opposite end of the 'fame' spectrum.

There are plenty of obscure collectors' rarities herein, making this a potential cult collection.


  1. Name
  2. If I Were A Itty Bitty Girl - Velma Nelson
  3. Hey Jack - The Dozier Boys
  4. Get High - Le Melle Prince
  5. Maggie's Boogie - Peppermint Harris
  6. I Need You, I Want You - Jack 'the Bear' Parker
  7. Way Down Boogie - Harold Burrage
  8. Lawd, Lawd, Lawd - The Ebonaires
  9. Yac-A-Dak - Chuck Higgins
  10. Don't Leave Me Baby - Lowell Fulson
  11. Call Me, Call Me, Call Me - Dolores Gibson
  12. Shtiggy Boom - Patti Anne
  13. Do Bop Sha Bam - The Spence Sisters
  14. Ding, Dong, Ding - Bip And Bop
  15. A Bottle Of Pop And A Lollypop - The Lollypoppers
  16. Cryin' Emma - Rolling Crew
  17. I Do I Do - Ray Williams
  18. Jump, Jump, Jump - Great Gates
  19. Rock 'n Roll Drive-In - Fatso Theus & The Flairs
  20. Little Mama - The Jivers
  21. Ray Pearl - The Jivers
  22. No One Can Love Like I Do - Skinny Dynamo
  23. Bom Bom Lulu - Gene & Eunice
  24. P.B. Baby - Wilbur Whitfield And The Pleasers
  25. For The Lady - Wilbur Whitfield And The Pleasers
  26. Holy Smoke, Baby - Tony Allen
  27. King Kong - Big T Tyler
  28. Sadie Green - Big T Tyler
  29. One, Two, Let's Rock - Sugar Pie And Pee Wee
  30. Smack Smack - Marvin & Johnny
  31. Take A Bath - Charles Sims
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