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Tennessee Ernie Meets The Girls

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Tennessee Ernie Meets The Girls
Tennessee Ernie Meets The Girls


What a combination! The warmth, sincerity and humour of Tennessee Ernie Ford plus the pick of some the finest females singers from the period. Whether singing solo or in duet with Ernie, all the girls give great performances, made all the more interestingly the simple Country band type backing. A Jasmine CD for Country and general nostalgia fans alike, 27 tracks to enjoy over and over!


  1. Name
  2. Swingin' Down The Lane - Ford, 'Tennessee' Ernie & Lou Dinning
  3. I'd Rather Die Young - Ford, 'Tennessee' Ernie & Lou Dinning
  4. Texas All My Rambling Days Are Done - Ford, 'Tennessee' Ernie & Lou Dinning
  5. Hit And Run Affair - Ford, 'Tennessee' Ernie & Lou Dinning
  6. Penny A Kiss A Penny A Hug - Ford, 'Tennessee' Ernie & Lou Dinning
  7. In The Pines - Ford, 'Tennessee' Ernie & Lou Dinning
  8. Lady From 29 Palms - Ford, 'Tennessee' Ernie & Helen Forrest
  9. Did You Ever Get That Feeling In The Moonlight - Ford, 'Tennessee' Ernie & Helen Forrest
  10. Hundred Years From Today - Ford, 'Tennessee' Ernie & Helen Forrest
  11. Shoo Shoo Baby - Ford, 'Tennessee' Ernie & Jeanne Gayle
  12. Detour - Ford, 'Tennessee' Ernie & Jeanne Gayle
  13. Potatoes Are Cheaper - Ford, 'Tennessee' Ernie & Jeanne Gayle
  14. Hit And Run Affair - Ford, 'Tennessee' Ernie & Jeanne Gayle
  15. Ridin' To Tennessee - Ford, 'Tennessee' Ernie & Roberta Lee
  16. If You Don't Know No Common Folks - Ford, 'Tennessee' Ernie & Roberta Lee
  17. Sleepy Time Gal - Ford, 'Tennessee' Ernie
  18. Walking My Way Back Home - Ford, 'Tennessee' Ernie & Kay St. Germaine
  19. I Never Knew (I Could Love Anybody Like I'm Loving You) - Ford, 'Tennessee' Ernie & Kay St. Germ
  20. Changing Partners - Ford, 'Tennessee' Ernie & Helen O'Connell
  21. Hey Good Lookin' - Ford, 'Tennessee' Ernie & Helen O'Connell
  22. Slow Poke - Ford, 'Tennessee' Ernie & Helen O'Connell
  23. Gee But I Hate To Go Home Alone - Ford, 'Tennessee' Ernie & Sue Thompson
  24. You Belong To Me - Ford, 'Tennessee' Ernie & Sue Thompson
  25. How Come You Do Me Like You Do - Ford, 'Tennessee' Ernie & Sue Thompson
  26. Take It Back And Change It For A Boy - Ford, 'Tennessee' Ernie & Bucky Tibbs
  27. You'd Be Surprised - Ford, 'Tennessee' Ernie & Bucky Tibbs
  28. Closing Comedy - Ford, 'Tennessee' Ernie
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