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Marsland Dot Com

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Marsland Dot Com
Marsland Dot Com


The brief opener is also reprise and title track of Marsland dot com. And, as this album creates your wish to fix the repeat button of your player, it is no less than the tiny bench mark of a song cycle, a well-rounded affair. Marsland dot com is the title of Jens Kreuzer's recent solo project, as well as his debut album. Jens' main acticity is being mastermind of the German band THE PLEASURE, who are known for (and by) a fan following from Freiburg, Germany to Liverpool, Great Britain and being quoted by German music mag 'eclipsed' as "Germany's most British pleasure". Here we have twelve real gems, all with an aura of positivity, melancholy and ease. Compared to THE PLEASURE songs these are less pounding, but equally powerful. And touching. Need any evidence? Then listen for example to "Amsterdam" (also released as a single). Even the artist himself comments: "When I listen to this song, I'm stirred although I myself wrote it. Even more: every time a tear or two run down my cheek. Unusual with your own music, isn't it? But it's the truth" To make this perfectly clear: we're talking tears of joy! Whether this marsland is like a silent and majestic planet out of Kubrick's 2001 or just a field full of sweet candy bars: you can choose what you like the most (why not both?). Marsland dot com: ich hab Dich lieb (Love ya)!


  1. Name
  2. Marsland Dot Com
  3. Seven Souvenirs
  4. From Da Da Riots To Southside Tank
  5. 07732-151610
  6. Amsterdam
  7. I Know
  8. Surviving
  9. Good Luck
  10. Moonfire
  11. Thanks A Lot
  12. Too Bad
  13. Foolguide
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