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Miin Triuwa

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Miin Triuwa
Miin Triuwa


Improvisation, composition, language and culture meet, merge and influence each other. Under The Surface knows no boundaries. On their extraordinary third album, Miin Triuwa (I Am True), the group reflects on their own background and finds their own "folk".

Under The Surface was formed in 2015 and since then the band has enjoyed a great deal of international success. Drummer Joost Lijbaart recognized the group's potential early on and organized more than 200 concerts in 25 countries on 4 continents: from Africa to South America, Asia, the Middle East and Europe. Inspired by their many travels and the cultures they encountered, the group developed a unique improvisation language that combines jazz, folk, ethnic and electronic music.

With Miin Triuwa, Under The Surface embarks on a new musical journey with compositions by guitarist Bram Stadhouders. He wrote a suite of eight pieces in which the characters and qualities of the band members are transcendent. The constantly changing improvisations that are so characteristic of the band are now captured in a powerful musical statement that showcases what the band stands for. Instead of traveling to other worlds, in this project the group looks inward and explores how their own roots influence their music.


  1. Name
  2. Bure Thii Northwint
  3. Samo Stark So The Dooth
  4. Vrohta Endi Bivunga
  5. Over Himila
  6. Sunna Wiisheida
  7. Reinon Githankon
  8. Miin Triuwa
  9. Thiin Stemma Skelle In Ewon
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