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Henry Red Allen & His New York Orchestra

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Henry Red Allen & His New York Orchestra
Henry Red Allen & His New York Orchestra


This set is a dream reissue for collectors - the whole of the Henry Allen New York Orchestra's recordings made for Victor between 1929 and 1930, as well as sessions where the Allen band supported singers Victoria and 'Sweet Peas' Spivey. Also included are four titles by the Luis Russell Orchestra, comprising largely the same musicians. The sidemen featured here were handpicked by Allen and Russell and are generally regarded as among the finest of their era. Long before Ellington and Basie, this is where swing really started.


  1. Name
  2. It Should Be You
  3. Biffly Blues
  4. Feeling Drowsy
  5. Swing Out
  6. Make A Country Bird Fly Wild
  7. Funny Feathers Blues
  8. How Do They Do It That Way?
  9. Pleasin Paul
  10. Blood Hound Blues
  11. Dirty T B Blues
  12. Moaning The Blues
  13. Telephoning The Blues
  14. Heart Breakin Blues
  15. Leavin You Baby
  16. Sugar Hill Function
  17. You Might Get Better But You ll Never Get Well
  18. Everybody Shout
  19. Dancing Dave
  20. Roamin
  21. Singing Pretty Songs
  22. Patrol Waggon Blues
  23. I Fell In Love With You
  24. It Should Be You
  25. Biffly Blues
  26. Feeling Drowsy
  27. Swing Out
  28. Make A Country Bird Fly Wild
  29. Funny Feathers Blues
  30. How Do They Do It That Way?
  31. Pleasin Paul
  32. Day Breakin Blues
  33. Heart Breakin Blues
  34. Leavin You Baby
  35. Longing For Home
  36. It Should Be You
  37. Feeling Drowsy
  38. Swing Out
  39. Singing Pretty Songs
  40. I Fell In Love With You
  41. I Got Rhythm
  42. Saratoga Drag
  43. Ease On Down (aka Case On Down)
  44. Honey That Reminds Me
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