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Country Music Pioneer

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Country Music Pioneer
Country Music Pioneer


This box set documents the work of a master performer, who travelled widely and obsessively collected material wherever he could. It's an assential record of a culture so changed as to be almost unrecognisable. Clarence 'Tom' Ashley initially recorded in the 1920s. His last pre-war recordings were made in the early 1930s and would not record again until the folk revival of the 1960s. As the 1930s wore on, he continued in music, playing medicine shows, sometimes in the company of Roy Acuff. He also worked with the likes of Charlie Monroe and the Stanley Brothers. His background was in medicine shows. By the age of sixteen he had joined one, mainly as a musician but also as a 'warm-up' comedian. Sometimes he put on his own shows, playing workplaces or school houses. All his life he collected numerous songs which eventually comprised a vast repertoire. Two songs often associated with him are The Coo Coo Bird and The House Carpenter. There are many recordings of Coo Coo, but somehow Clarence Ashley's performance is seen as definitive. The House Carpenter has English origins, but many of his famous performances, like Rising Sun Blues are out-and-out American. Another of his collected songs, Old John Hardy, he learned from a Mrs. Ellie Johnson in 1916. John Hardy was executed in January 1894 for killing a man in a crap game for twenty-five cents. In total, this is a selection of some of the finest examples of old time music cut in the genre's golden era.


  1. Name
  2. The Coo Coo Bird
  3. The House Carpenter
  4. Penitentiary Bound
  5. Cincinnati Breakdown
  6. The Old Arm Chair
  7. One Dark And Stormy Night
  8. Little Sadie
  9. Sideline Blues
  10. Baby All Night Long
  11. Washington And Lee Swing
  12. Goodnight Waltz
  13. Old John Hardy
  14. Naomi Wise
  15. Sadie Ray
  16. Bay Rum Blues
  17. Ain t No Use To High Hat Me
  18. Drunk Man Blues
  19. Go Way And Let Me Sleep
  20. My North Carolina Home
  21. Honeysuckle Rag
  22. Short Life Of Trouble
  23. You Are A Little Too Small
  24. Frankie Silvers
  25. Three Men Went A Huntin
  26. Dark Holler Blues
  27. Haunted Road Blues
  28. Times Ain t Like They Used To Be
  29. Corrina, Corrina
  30. Rude And Rambling Man
  31. The Train s Done Left Me
  32. There s A Man Going Round Taking Names
  33. Peg And Awl
  34. The Hills Of Tennessee
  35. Careless Love
  36. Lay Down Baby Take Your Rest
  37. Can t You Remember When Your Heart Was Mine
  38. Rising Sun Blues
  39. The Old Grey Goose
  40. Somebody s Tall And Handsome
  41. I ll Be Washed
  42. Over At Tom s House
  43. Fiddler s Contest
  44. My Sweet Farm Girl
  45. Greenback Dollar
  46. Emry Arthur: I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow
  47. Emry Arthur: Jennie My Own True Love
  48. Emry Arthur: The Day I Left Home
  49. Emry Arthur: Blood Stained Dress
  50. Emry Arthur: The Little Black Train Is Coming
  51. Emry Arthur: The Broken Wedding
  52. Emry Arthur: Nobody s Business
  53. Emry Arthur: Down In Tennessee Valley
  54. Emry Arthur: Train Whistle Blues
  55. Emry Arthur: The Blind Boy
  56. Emry Arthur: Six Months In Jail Ain t Long
  57. Emry Arthur: Empty Pocket Blues
  58. Emry Arthur: Mother s In Heaven Tonight
  59. Emry Arthur: Frankie Baker - Part 1
  60. Emry Arthur: Frankie Baker - Part 2
  61. Emry Arthur: Heave Ho - The Anchor
  62. Emry Arthur: Don t Get Married
  63. Emry Arthur: My Own True Lover
  64. Emry Arthur: Look Out For The Window
  65. Emry Arthur: Ramblin Hobo Blues
  66. Emry Arthur: The Bootlegger s Lullaby
  67. Emry Arthur: Going Around The World
  68. Emry Arthur: I m Always Thinking Of You
  69. Emry Arthur: Where The Silvery Colorado Wends Its Way
  70. Emry Arthur: The Broken Wedding
  71. Emry Arthur: I m Always Thinking Of You
  72. Emry Arthur: Sunshine And Shadows
  73. Emry Arthur: Goodbye My Lover Goodbye
  74. Emry Arthur: Reuben Oh Reuben
  75. Emry Arthur: I m A Man Of Constant Sorrow
  76. Emry Arthur: Let That Liar Alone
  77. Emry Arthur: A Railroad Lover For Me
  78. Dock Boggs: Down South Blues
  79. Dock Boggs: Sugar Baby
  80. Dock Boggs: Country Blues
  81. Dock Boggs: Sammie Where Have You Been So Long
  82. Dock Boggs: Old Rub Alcohol Blues
  83. Dock Boggs: False Hearted Lover s Blues
  84. Dock Boggs: Lost Love Blues
  85. Dock Boggs: Will Sweethearts Know Each Other There
  86. Dock Boggs: Danville Girl
  87. Dock Boggs: Pretty Polly
  88. Dock Boggs: New Prisoner s Song
  89. Dock Boggs: Hard Luck Blues
  90. Dock Boggs: Old Rub Alcohol Blues
  91. Dock Boggs: Will Sweethearts Know Each Other There
  92. Dock Boggs: Lost Love Blues
  93. Dykes Magic City Trio: Cotton Eyed Joe
  94. Dykes Magic City Trio: Tennessee Girls
  95. Dykes Magic City Trio: Twilight Is Stealing
  96. Dykes Magic City Trio: Far Beyond The Blue Sky
  97. Dykes Magic City Trio: Golden Slippers
  98. Dykes Magic City Trio: Shortening Bread
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