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Various Artists

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Various Artists
Various Artists


Raunchy African American women's blues. And apart from raunchiness - itself capable of inspiring violent reactions - much of the material here would have been fraught with danger. Any expression of independence carried with it the threat of a racist response. This is a celebration of lesser known singers, from the early blues era featuring an approximate CD's-worth by Clara Smith, Lucille Bogan, and Lil Johnson. A fourth, Moanin' Bernice Edwards has only 14 vocal sides to her name, so she's supplemented by four Texas Blueswomen: Hociel Thomas, Sippie Wallace, Bessie Tucker and Victoria Spivey. We cover rural, urban and vaudeville blues styles. What must be emphasised is that these women were transgressive in at least two ways. First, they dared to dominate at a time when women were expected to be submissive. Second, in their celebration - albeit euphemistic - of sex, they risked outraging the prudish majority So here are kitchen utensils, fish, fowl and even cabbage deployed to conjure up the most carnal of images. But that's as far as we go. Half the fun is working out these song's true meaning for yourself. CAUTION THIS COLLECTION DEALS WITH SEXUAL THEMES. IT IS NOT RECOMMENDED FOR THE YOUNG OR SENSITIVE.


  1. Name
  2. Every Womans Blues: Clara Smith
  3. Awful Moanin Blues: Clara Smith
  4. Waitin For The Evenin Mail: Clara Smith
  5. Im Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down: Clara Smith
  6. Cold Weather Blues: Clara Smith
  7. Mean Papa Turn In Your Key: Clara Smith
  8. Dont Advertise Your Man: Clara Smith
  9. Back Woods Blues: Clara Smith
  10. Done Sold My Soul To The Devil: Clara Smith
  11. Nobody Knows The Way I Feel Dis Morning: Clara Smith
  12. My Good-For-Nuthin Man: Clara Smith
  13. Shipwrecked Blues: Clara Smith
  14. Kitchen Mechanic Blues: Clara Smith
  15. Im Tired Of Being Good: Clara Smith
  16. Alley Rat Blues: Clara Smith
  17. Jelly Bean Blues: Clara Smith
  18. Whip It To A Jelly: Clara Smith
  19. Howm I Doin: Clara Smith
  20. Ease It: Clara Smith
  21. Black Womans Blues: Clara Smith
  22. Black Cat Moan: Clara Smith
  23. Jelly Look What You Done Done: Clara Smith
  24. Steamboat Man Blues: Clara Smith
  25. Daddy Dont Put That Thing On Me: Clara Smith
  26. Its Tight Like That: Clara Smith
  27. Kind Stella Blues: Lucille Bogan
  28. Jim Tampa Blues: Lucille Bogan
  29. Women Wont Need No Men: Lucille Bogan
  30. New Way Blues: Lucille Bogan
  31. Pay Roll Blues: Lucille Bogan
  32. My Georgia Grind: Lucille Bogan
  33. Whisky Selling Blues: Lucille Bogan
  34. They Aint Walking No More
  35. Sloppy Drunk Blues: Lucille Bogan
  36. Alley Boogie: Lucille Bogan
  37. Crawlin Lizard Blues: Lucille Bogan
  38. Struttin My Stuff: Lucille Bogan
  39. Black Angel Blues: Lucille Bogan
  40. Walking Blues: Lucille Bogan
  41. Baking Powder Blues: Lucille Bogan
  42. Groceries On The Shelf: Lucille Bogan
  43. Hungry Mans Scuffle: Lucille Bogan
  44. Mean Twister: Lucille Bogan
  45. Pig Iron Sally: Lucille Bogan
  46. I Hate That Train Called The M & O: Lucille Bogan
  47. Sweet Man Sweet Man: Lucille Bogan
  48. Changed Way Blues: Lucille Bogan
  49. Barbecue Bess: Lucille Bogan
  50. BD Woman Blues: Lucille Bogan
  51. Stew Meat Blues: Lucille Bogan
  52. Shave Em Dry (Sexually Explicit): Lucille Bogan
  53. Minor Blues: Lil Johnson
  54. Never Let Your Left Hand Know What Your Right Hand Do: Lil Johnson
  55. House Rent Scuffle: Lil Johnson
  56. Anybody Want To Buy My Cabbage: Lil Johnson
  57. New Shave Em Dry: Lil Johnson
  58. Shake Man Blues: Lil Johnson
  59. Buckets Got A Hole In It: Lil Johnson
  60. Keep On Knocking: Lil Johnson
  61. I Lost My Baby: Lil Johnson
  62. That Bonus Done Gone Thru - Take 1: Lil Johnson
  63. Press My Button (Ring My Bell): Lil Johnson
  64. If You Can Dish It (I Can Take It): Lil Johnson
  65. Youre Just A Cream Puff (You Cant Take It): Lil Johnson
  66. Ill Take You To The Cleaners - Take 1: Lil Johnson
  67. Goofer Dust Swing: Lil Johnson
  68. My Stoves In Good Condition: Lil Johnson
  69. Meat Balls: Lil Johnson
  70. Get Em From The Peanut Man: Lil Johnson
  71. Sam - The Hot Dog Man: Lil Johnson
  72. Hottest Gal In Town: Lil Johnson
  73. You Stole My Cherry: Lil Johnson
  74. Take Your Hand Off It: Lil Johnson
  75. My Baby Squeeze Me Again - Take 1: Lil Johnson
  76. Come And Get It: Lil Johnson
  77. You Lied Your Last Time: Lil Johnson
  78. Down At The Old Village Store: Lil Johnson
  79. Sunshine Blues: Moaning Bernice Edwards
  80. Lonesome Longing Blues: Moaning Bernice Edwards
  81. Mean Man Blues: Moaning Bernice Edwards
  82. Long Tall Mama: Moaning Bernice Edwards
  83. Moaning Blues: Moaning Bernice Edwards
  84. Southbound Blues: Moaning Bernice Edwards
  85. Hard Hustling Blues: Moaning Bernice Edwards
  86. High Powered Mama: Moaning Bernice Edwards
  87. Low Down Dirty Shame Blues: Moaning Bernice Edwards
  88. Born To Die Blues: Moaning Bernice Edwards
  89. Two-Way Mind Blues: Moaning Bernice Edwards
  90. Jack Of All Trades: Moaning Bernice Edwards
  91. Bantam Rooster Blues: Moaning Bernice Edwards
  92. Butcher Shop Blues: Moaning Bernice Edwards
  93. Worried Down With The Blues: Hociel Thomas
  94. Fish Tail Dance: Hociel Thomas
  95. Murders Gonna Be My Crime: Sippie Wallace
  96. A Man For Every Day Of The Week: Sippie Wallace
  97. You Gonna Need My Help: Sippie Wallace
  98. Im A Mighty Tight Woman: Sippie Wallace
  99. Fort Worth And Denver Blues: Bessie Tucker
  100. Penitentiary: Bessie Tucker
  101. Bessies Moan: Bessie Tucker
  102. The Dummy: Bessie Tucker
  103. Key To The Bushes: Bessie Tucker
  104. Blood Hound Blues: Victoria Spivey
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