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Spreading The Word - Early Gospel Recordings

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Spreading The Word - Early Gospel Recordings
Spreading The Word - Early Gospel Recordings


Selected sides from a vital American musical tradition. Fully annotated and fully remastered. Featuring Washington Phillips, Rev 'Shy' Moore, Arizona Dranes, Bessie Johnson, Luther Magby, Prof Johnson and many more. The instruction was quite clear; it appears in Psalm 81: "make a joyful noise unto the God of Jacob", and African Americans took it to heart. Timbrels and tabrets, the recommended devices, being hard to locate in the United States of the Twentieth Century, they resorted to more readily acquired instruments such as the guitar and the piano to ensure that, even when singing of hellfire and damnation, the 'noise' that they made fitted the prescribed description. The guitar, being easily portable, was the favoured instrument of street corner evangelists and separate collections are available on JSP Recods dedicated to their work; what this collection concentrates on is performances more closely associated with churches, performances sometimes backed up by a congregation and featuring a range of instruments from the instantly recognizable to the downright mysterious.


  1. Name
  2. In That Day / Arizona Dranes
  3. It's All Right Now / Arizona Dranes
  4. John Said He Saw A Number / Arizona Dranes
  5. My Soul Is A Witness For The Lord / Arizona Dranes
  6. Crucifixion / Arizona Dranes
  7. Sweet Heaven Is My Home / Arizona Dranes
  8. Bye And Bye We're Going To See The King / Arizona Dranes
  9. I'm Going Home On The Morning Train / Arizona Dranes
  10. Lambs Blood Has Washed Me Clean / Arizona Dranes
  11. I'm Glad My Lord Saved Me With / Arizona Dranes
  12. I Shall Wear A Crown / Arizona Dranes
  13. God's Got A Crown / Arizona Dranes
  14. He Is My Story / Arizona Dranes
  15. Just Look / Arizona Dranes
  16. I'll Go Where You Want Me To Go / Arizona Dranes
  17. Don't You Want To Go / Arizona Dranes
  18. The Royal Telephone / Sister Mary M. Nelson
  19. Judgement / Sister Mary M. Nelson
  20. The Seal Of God / Sister Mary M. Nelson
  21. Isaiah / Sister Mary M. Nelson
  22. Thou Carest Lord For Me / Holy Ghost Sanctified Singers
  23. Jesus Throwed Up A Highway For Me / Holy Ghost Sanctified Singers
  24. Sinner, l'd Make A Change / Holy Ghost Sanctified Singers
  25. When I Get Inside The Gate / Holy Ghost Sanctified Singers
  26. God Give Me A Light / Louisville Sanctified Singers
  27. So Glad I'm Here / Louisville Sanctified Singers
  28. Mother's Last Words To Her Son / Washington Phillips
  29. Take Your Burden To The Lord And Leave It There / Washington Phillips
  30. Paul And Silas In Jail / Washington Phillips
  31. Lift Him Up That's Al / Washington Phillips
  32. Denomination Blues:One / Washington Phillips
  33. Denomination Blues:Two / Washington Phillips
  34. I Am Born To Preach The Gospel / Washington Phillips
  35. Train Your Child / Washington Phillips
  36. Jesus Is My Friend / Washington Phillips
  37. What Are They Doing In Heaven Today? / Washington Phillips
  38. A Mother's Last Words To Her Daughter / Washington Phillips
  39. I've Got The Key To The Kingdom / Washington Phillips
  40. You Can't Stop A Tattler:1/ Washington Phillips
  41. You Can't Stop A Tattler:2 / Washington Phillips
  42. I Had A Good Father And Mother / Washington Phillips
  43. The Church Need Good Deacons / Washington Phillips
  44. No Room At The Hotel / Bessie Johnson
  45. Key To The Kingdom / Bessie Johnson
  46. One Day / Bessie Johnson
  47. The Whole World In His Hand / Bessie Johnson
  48. The Great Reaping Day / Bessie Johnson
  49. He Got Better Things For You / Bessie Johnson
  50. He's Got The Whole World In His Hands / Bro. Williams Memphis Sanctified Singers
  51. I Will Meet You At The Station / Bro. Williams Memphis Sanctified Singers
  52. He's The Lily Of The Valley / Texas Jubilee Singers
  53. He's Coming Soon / Texas Jubilee Singers
  54. The Master Came And Called Me / Elder Richard Bryant
  55. Saul, A Wicked Man / Elder Richard Bryant
  56. Come Over Here / Elder Richard Bryant
  57. How Much I Owe For Love Divine / Elder Richard Bryant
  58. Lord, Lord, He Sure Is Good To Me / Elder Richard Bryant
  59. Watch Ye Therefore, You Know Not The Day / Elder Richard Bryant
  60. A Lie Was Told But God Know'd It / Elder Richard Bryant
  61. A Wild Man In Town / Elder Richard Bryant
  62. He Shut The Lion's Mouth / Elder Richard Bryant
  63. Everybody Was There / Elder Richard Bryant
  64. Blessed Are The Poor In Spirit / Luther Magby
  65. Jesus Is Getting Us Ready For The Great Day / Luther Magby
  66. King Of Kings / Rev. Johnny Blakey
  67. Jesus Was Here On Business / Rev. Johnny Blakey
  68. Warming By The Devil's Fire / Rev. Johnny Blakey
  69. The Devil Is Loose In The World / Rev. Johnny Blakey
  70. Soon We'll Gather At The River / Southern Sanctified Singers
  71. Where He Leads Me I Will Follow / Southern Sanctified Singers
  72. Where Shall I Be / Prof. Johnson & His Gospel Singers
  73. Give Me That Old Time Religion / Prof. Johnson & His Gospel Singers
  74. Angels / Prof. Johnson & His Gospel Singers
  75. Standing In The Safety Zone / Prof. Johnson & His Gospel Singers
  76. When I Move To The Sky / Sister Lottie Peavy
  77. Nobody's Fault But Mine / Sister Lottie Peavy
  78. Christ, The Teacher / Rev. E.S. 'Shy' Moore
  79. The Solemn Warning / Rev. E.S. 'Shy' Moore
  80. What Kind Of Man Jesus Is / McIntorsh & Edwards
  81. Since I Laid My Burden Down / McIntorsh & Edwards
  82. The 1927 Flood / McIntorsh & Edwards
  83. The Latter Rain Is Fall / McIntorsh & Edwards
  84. Take A Stand / McIntorsh & Edwards
  85. Behold! A King Shall Rise / McIntorsh & Edwards
  86. Earth Is No Resting Place / Jessie May Hill
  87. The Crucifixion Of Christ / Jessie May Hill
  88. God Rode In The Windstorm / Jessie May Hill
  89. Untitled / Jessie May Hill / Jessie May Hill
  90. This World Is Not My Home / Jessie May Hill
  91. Sunshine In The Shadows / Jessie May Hill
  92. I_m Going To Lift Up A Standard For My King / Jessie May Hill
  93. Traveling / Goldia Haynes
  94. The Great Judgement Day / Goldia Haynes
  95. Oh Lord, How Long? / Goldia Haynes
  96. There's A Hand Leading Me / Goldia Haynes
  97. I'm Going To Hold On / Goldia Haynes
  98. The Truth In The Gospel / Goldia Haynes
  99. He's Coming Soon / Laura Henton
  100. Heavenly Sunshine / Laura Henton
  101. Lord, You've Sure Been Good To Me / Laura Henton
  102. I Can Tell The World About This / Laura Henton
  103. Plenty Good Room In My Father's Kingdom / Laura Henton
  104. Lord, I Just Can't Keep From Crying Sometimes / Laura Henton
  105. Let Us Therefore Come / Rev. Joe Lenley
  106. Lord Who Shall Abide In Thy Tabernacle / Rev. Joe Lenley
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