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Berigan Blows a Blast! His trumpeting skill and melodic invention put Bunny Berigan in front of the pack chasing Satchmo. By 1931, aged 23, he was one of New York's tight circle of session players. Included are Boswell Sisters sides and cuts recorded during Bunny's stay with Benny Goodman. In April 1937, he recorded I Can't Get Started. In December of that year he cut the second, hit version. Both are included. He was Born in Wisconsin in 1908 and played in college bands before presenting himself aged eighteen to New York bandleader Hal Kemp who rejected him. Two years later, the same Kemp hired Bunny as the 'hot trumpet' for a band he was assembling to tour Europe. By early 1931, Bunny was back, already known to New York's tight circle of session players, whose approval was no small thing. The first two tracks are from Berigan's early days as a session man and show that he arrived on the scene fully formed. On When I Take My Sugar To Tea it's notable how his muted trumpet cuts through the strict-tempo - if slick - dance band environment. One of the attractive features of this collection is the frequent presence of the Boswell Sisters. Their spirited close harmony work must have provided a lift to Depression-era audiences. Their skill at mimicking musical instruments made them one of the Mill Brothers' few rivals. The material on CD A alone demonstrates how lavishly endowed with musical talent New York was. The Boswells stand out in the singing company here, although Lee Wiley - who sings on the last two tracks holds her own. Also here are sides recorded during Berigan's short but important stay with Benny Goodman. Included here are King Porter Stomp - notable for introducing swing and Bunny to a wider audience - The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea and Madhouse. Madhouse was cut in Hollywood in September 1936. By December, Bunny was back in New York. In April 1937, Bunny made his first cut of I Can't Get Started. In December of the same year he recorded the second, hit version. Both - very distinctive versions - are included here. Admired throughout the business (Louis Armstrong and Tommy Dorsey both rated him), Berigan had one implacable enemy: himself. He died in 1942 from the effects of alcohol.


  1. Name
  2. When I Take My Sugar To Tea
  3. Rockin Chair
  4. Pardon Me Pretty Baby
  5. On The Beach With You
  6. I Thank You Mister Moon
  7. By The Sycamore Tree
  8. Why Did It Have To Be Me
  9. Put That Sun Back In The Sky
  10. Everybody Loves My Baby
  11. Stop The Sun, Stop The Moon
  12. What Would You Do
  13. Sing A New Song
  14. Gosh Darn
  15. Crazy People
  16. Dream Sweetheart
  17. Lawd, You Made The Night Too Long
  18. My Lips Want Kisses
  19. Doggone, Ive Done It
  20. Mighty River
  21. Underneath The Harlem Moon
  22. Ill Never Have To Dream Again
  23. Me Minus You
  24. Sing (Its Good For You)
  25. Youve Got Me Crying Again
  26. I Gotta Right To Sing The Blues
  27. Mood Hollywood
  28. Someone Stole Gabriels Horn
  29. Stay On The Right Side Of The Road
  30. Shim Sham Shimmy
  31. Is That Religion?
  32. Youll Never Get Up To Heaven That Way
  33. In A Little Second Hand Store
  34. Keep Looking Forward
  35. Youve Got Everything
  36. Sweet Madness
  37. Savage Serenade
  38. Coffee In The Morning, Kisses In The Night
  39. Sittin On A Log
  40. I Raised My Hat
  41. She Reminds Me Of You
  42. Judy
  43. Honeysuckle Rose
  44. With All My Heart And Soul
  45. Bughouse
  46. Blues In E Flat
  47. A Blues Serenade
  48. In A Little Spanish Town
  49. Solo Hop
  50. Whats The Reason?
  51. Shes A Latin From Manhattan
  52. Youve Been Taking Lessons In Love
  53. Indiana
  54. Dear Old Southland
  55. Sometimes Im Happy
  56. King Porter Stomp
  57. Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea
  58. Madhouse
  59. What Is There To Say?
  60. The Buzzard
  61. Keep Smiling At Trouble
  62. Honeysuckle Rose
  63. Squeeze Me
  64. Downhearted Blues
  65. You Took Advantage Of Me
  66. Chicken And Waffles
  67. Im Coming Virginia
  68. Blues
  69. Its Been So Long
  70. Id Rather Lead A Band
  71. Let Yourself Go
  72. A Melody From The Sky
  73. I Cant Get Started
  74. A Little Bit Later On
  75. Rhythm Saved The World
  76. Just To Be In C
  77. It Aint Nobodys Business What I Do
  78. And Still No Luck With You
  79. I Nearly Let Love Go Slipping Through My Fingers
  80. If I Had My Way
  81. When Im With You
  82. Dardanella
  83. It Aint Right
  84. Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea
  85. In A Sentimental Mood
  86. Whatcha Gonna Do When There Aint No Swing
  87. Organ Grinders Swing
  88. Rhythm Lullaby
  89. It All Begins And Ends With You
  90. That Foolish Feeling
  91. Where Are You?
  92. In A Little Spanish Town
  93. The Goona Goo
  94. Whos Afraid Of Love?
  95. One In A Million
  96. Blue Lou
  97. Im Gonna Kiss Myself Goodbye
  98. Big Boy Blue
  99. Dixieland Shuffle
  100. Lets Do It
  101. I Cant Get Started
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