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Chicago 1928 - 1935

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Chicago 1928 - 1935
Chicago 1928 - 1935


For the first time all the amazing early sides by this highly influential blues guitarist and singer put together and given the box set treatment. The JSP series of pre-war blues box sets continues to be the definitive documentation of this amazing music. Tampa Red is of course renowned for being a huge influence on Muddy Waters and many other Chicago blues guitarists like Robert Nighthawk. With superb remastering and presentation and notes by blues authority Neil Slaven this is a classy package.


  1. Name
  2. Through Train Blues
  3. Lonesome Man Blues
  4. Grievin Me Blues
  5. Its Tight Like That
  6. Its Red Hot
  7. Too Black Bad
  8. Good Gordon Gin
  9. Down The Alley
  10. Long Ago Blues
  11. Its Tight Like That
  12. How Long How Long Blues
  13. You Cant Come In
  14. Its Tight Like That No 2
  15. Selling That Stuff
  16. Beedle Um Bum
  17. Juicy Lemon Blues
  18. Chicago Moan Blues
  19. Strange Woman Blues
  20. Jelly Whippin Blues
  21. Uncle Bud (Dog-Gone Him)
  22. Train Time Blues
  23. How Long, How Long Blues
  24. Its Tight Like That
  25. Sho Is Hot
  26. Mess, Katie, Mess
  27. Boot It Boy
  28. My Daddy Rocks Me
  29. Givin It Away
  30. What You Gonna Do
  31. Its So Nice
  32. Voice Of The Blues
  33. The Ducks Yas-Yas-Yas
  34. Pat That Bread
  35. What Is That Tastes Like Gravy
  36. You Better Tighten Up On It
  37. Prison Bound Blues
  38. You Got To Reap What You Sow
  39. I Wonder Where My Easy Riders Gone
  40. Come On Mama, Do That Dance
  41. Friendless Blues
  42. Pig Meat Papa
  43. Hear Me Beefin At You
  44. Mama Dont Allow No Easy Riders Here
  45. Saturday Night Scrontch
  46. Mama Dont Allow No Easy Riders Here
  47. Strewin Your Mess
  48. Dying Mercy Blues
  49. Whiskey Drinkin Blues
  50. Doggin Me Around Blues
  51. Worried Man Blues
  52. Tomorrow Blues
  53. Billie The Grinder
  54. Blue Moanin Blues
  55. Kunjine Baby
  56. That Stuff You Sell
  57. Station Time Blues
  58. Moanin Heart Blues
  59. Chicago Moan Blues
  60. Black Hearted Blues
  61. But They Got It Fixed Right On
  62. Corrine Corrina No2
  63. The Dirty Dozen No2
  64. I.C. Moan Blues
  65. Cryin Shame Blues
  66. You Rascal You No1
  67. You Rascal You
  68. She Can Love So Good
  69. Bear Cats Kitten
  70. Unhappy Blues
  71. Jealous Hearted Mama Blues
  72. They Call It Boogie Woogie
  73. Toogaloo Blues
  74. Jinx Doctor Blues
  75. Boogie Woogie Dance
  76. Bumble Bee Blues
  77. New Strangers Blues
  78. Georgia Hound Blues
  79. Things Bout Coming My Way
  80. Cotton Seed Blues
  81. Stop And Listen Blues
  82. Down In Spirit Blues
  83. Mama Dont Leave Me Here
  84. Please Mister Blues
  85. No Matter How She Done It
  86. Reckless Man Blues
  87. Dont Leave Me Here
  88. Dead Cats On The Line
  89. You Cant Get That Stuff No More
  90. Things Bout Coming My Way No 2
  91. Turpentine Blues
  92. Western Bound Blues
  93. Ill Kill Your Soul (And Dare Your Spirit To Move)
  94. If I Let You Get Away With It (Youll Do It All The Time)
  95. Ill Find My Way
  96. Youve Got To Do Better
  97. Kingfish Blues
  98. That Stuff Is Here
  99. Black Angel Blues
  100. Things Bout Coming My Way
  101. Denver Blues
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