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The Very Best Of Bluegrass: Selected Sides 1947-1953

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The Very Best Of Bluegrass: Selected Sides 1947-1953
The Very Best Of Bluegrass: Selected Sides 1947-1953


The great Bill Monroe was rightly named 'The Father Of Bluegrass': he originally contributed most to the invention of the style and even coined the name. For all that, as with any musical form the involvement of other parties is required in order to extend the medium. In the development of bluegrass music that happened most notably with two groups: Ralph and Carter Stanley & The Clinch Mountain Boys; Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs & The Foggy Mountain Boys. In both cases the two front men combined vocal harmony and dexterous interplay of guitar and banjo with accompaniment that included fiddle, mandolin and upright bass, becoming as much a part of the history of bluegrass as Monroe. This 4CD set features 42 of The Stanley Brothers' most renowned recordings and 52 by Flatt & Scruggs. There is also an authoritative essay about the two groups.


  1. Name
  2. Molly And Tenbrooks - The Stanley Brothers
  3. The Rambler's Blues - The Stanley Brothers
  4. Mother No Longer Awaits For Me At Home - The Stanley Brothers
  5. The Girl Behind The Bar - The Stanley Brothers
  6. Little Maggie - The Stanley Brothers
  7. The Little Glass Of Wine - The Stanley Brothers
  8. Our Darling's Gone - The Stanley Brothers
  9. The Jealous Lover - The Stanley Brothers
  10. Death Is Only A Dream - The Stanley Brothers
  11. I Can Tell You The Time - The Stanley Brothers
  12. A Vision Of Mother - The Stanley Brothers
  13. The White Dove - The Stanley Brothers
  14. Gathering Flowers For The Master's Bouquet - The Stanley Brothers
  15. The Angels Are Singin (In Heaven Tonight) - The Stanley Brothers
  16. It's Never Too Late - The Stanley Brothers
  17. Have You Someone (In Heaven Awaiting) - The Stanley Brothers
  18. Little Glass Of Wine - The Stanley Brothers
  19. Let Me Be Your Friend - The Stanley Brothers
  20. We'll Be Sweethearts In Heaven - The Stanley Brothers
  21. I Love No One But You - The Stanley Brothers
  22. Too Late To Cry - The Stanley Brothers
  23. The Old Home - The Stanley Brothers
  24. The Drunkard's Hell - The Stanley Brothers
  25. The Fields Have Turned Brown - The Stanley Brothers
  26. Hey! Hey! Hey! - The Stanley Brothers
  27. The Lonesome River - The Stanley Brothers
  28. I'm A Man Of Constant Sorrow - The Stanley Brothers
  29. Pretty Polly - The Stanley Brothers
  30. Sweetest Love - The Stanley Brothers
  31. The Wandering Boy - The Stanley Brothers
  32. Little Glass Of Wine - The Stanley Brothers
  33. Little Birdie - The Stanley Brothers
  34. Are You Just Waiting For Me - The Stanley Brothers
  35. Little Girl And The Dreadful Snake - The Stanley Brothers
  36. (Say) Won't You Be Mine - The Stanley Brothers
  37. This Weary Heart You Stole Away (Wake Up Sweetheart) - The Stanley Brothers
  38. I'm Lonesome Without You - The Stanley Brothers
  39. Our Last Goodbye - The Stanley Brothers
  40. Poison Lies - The Stanley Brothers
  41. Dickson County Breakdown - The Stanley Brothers
  42. I Long To See The Old Folks - The Stanley Brothers
  43. A Voice From On High - The Stanley Brothers
  44. God Loves His Children - Earl Scruggs
  45. I'm Going To Make Heaven My Home - Earl Scruggs
  46. We'll Meet Again Sweetheart - Earl Scruggs
  47. My Cabin In Caroline - Earl Scruggs
  48. Baby Blue Eyes - Earl Scruggs
  49. Bouquet In Heaven - Earl Scruggs
  50. Down The Road - Earl Scruggs
  51. Why Don't You Tell Me So? - Earl Scruggs
  52. I'll Never Shed Another Tear - Earl Scruggs
  53. No Mother Or Dad - Earl Scruggs
  54. Is It Too Late Now? - Earl Scruggs
  55. foggy Mountain Breakdown - Earl Scruggs
  56. I'll Be Going To Heaven Sometime - Earl Scruggs
  57. So Happy I'll Be - Earl Scruggs
  58. My Little Girl In Tennessee - Earl Scruggs
  59. I'll Never Love Another - Earl Scruggs
  60. Doin' My Time - Earl Scruggs
  61. Pike County Breakdown - Earl Scruggs
  62. Cora Is Gone - Earl Scruggs
  63. Preachin', Prayin', Singin' - Earl Scruggs
  64. Pain In My Heart - Earl Scruggs
  65. Roll In My Sweet Baby's Arms - Earl Scruggs
  66. Back To The Cross - Earl Scruggs
  67. Farewell Blues - Earl Scruggs
  68. Old Salty Dog Blues - Earl Scruggs
  69. Take Me In A Lifeboat - Earl Scruggs
  70. Will The Roses Bloom (Where She Lies Sleeping) - Earl Scruggs
  71. I'll Just Pretend - Earl Scruggs
  72. Coming Back Darling - Earl Scruggs
  73. I'm Head Over Heels In Love - Earl Scruggs
  74. I'm Waiting To Hear You Call Me Darling - Earl Scruggs
  75. The Old Home Town - Earl Scruggs
  76. I'll Stay Around - Earl Scruggs
  77. We Can't Be Darlings Anymore - Earl Scruggs
  78. Jimmie Brown The Newsboy - Earl Scruggs
  79. Somehow Tonight - Earl Scruggs
  80. Don't Get Above Your Raising - Earl Scruggs
  81. I'm Working On A Road - Earl Scruggs
  82. He Took Your Place - Earl Scruggs
  83. I've Lost You - Earl Scruggs
  84. Tis Sweet To Be Remembered - Earl Scruggs
  85. I'm Gonna Settle Down - Earl Scruggs
  86. Earl's Breakdown (Instrumental) - Earl Scruggs
  87. I'm Lonesome And Blue - Earl Scruggs
  88. Over The Hills To The Poorhouse - Earl Scruggs
  89. My Darling's Last Goodbye - Earl Scruggs
  90. Get In Line Brothers - Earl Scruggs
  91. Brother, I'm Getting Ready To Go - Earl Scruggs
  92. Why Did You Wander? - Earl Scruggs
  93. Flint Hill Special (Instrumental) - Earl Scruggs
  94. Thinking About You - Earl Scruggs
  95. If I Should Wander Back To You - Earl Scruggs
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