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A Country Legacy: 1930-1939

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A Country Legacy: 1930-1939
A Country Legacy: 1930-1939


While Cliff Carlisle is often mentioned in the same breath as Jimmie Rodgers (both men were 'blue' yodelers), when it came to the type of material they recorded there were differences. Like another early artist, Jimmie Davis, Carlisle was not averse to using risque material, songs that Rodgers and his management would not have considered suitable. Thus, although Carlisle and Rodgers both included railroad numbers, songs about gambling and drinking in their respective repertoires, Carlisle was quite prepared to embrace songs with elements of sexual innuendo along with humorous numbers despairing of marriage. Cliff Carlisle's recording career commenced in 1930 and he continued to record prolifically through the '30s, initially with Wilbur Ball and then later his brother Bill Carlisle. After the Second World War he appeared and recorded with The Carlisles. This collection provides a comprehensive overview of the first decade of his career, the recordings that inspired many of the steel guitar players who followed.


  1. Name
  2. A Wild Cat Woman And A Tom Cat Man
  3. Memphis Yodel
  4. Desert Blues
  5. High Steppin' Mama
  6. Ramblin Yodeler
  7. Dear Old Daddy
  8. Seven Years With The Wrong Woman
  9. Bamblin' Man
  10. Handsome Blues
  11. When The Evening Sun Goes Down
  12. That Great Judgement Day
  13. Goodbye Old Pal
  14. I Want A Good Woman
  15. My Lovin' Kathleen
  16. You'll Miss Me When I'm Gone ( Just Because )
  17. Nevada Johnny
  18. There Is No More That I Can Say
  19. Prepare Me O lord
  20. Roll On, Roll On
  21. When It's Round Up Time In Heaven
  22. Home Of The Soul
  23. Ash Can Blues
  24. Mouse's Ear Blues
  25. That Nasty Swing
  26. Sal's Got A Meatskin
  27. Ring Tail Tom
  28. Onion Eating Mama
  29. It Takes An Old Hen To Deliver The Goods
  30. Sanghai Rooster Yodel
  31. Chicken Roost Blues
  32. Wigglin' Man
  33. Sugar Cane Mama
  34. Tom Cat Blues
  35. No Daddy Blues
  36. My Rockin' Mama
  37. Rooster Blues
  38. Guitar Blues
  39. It Ain't No Fault of mine
  40. Shine Your Light For Others
  41. Two Eyes In Tenessee
  42. The Blind Child's Prayer
  43. When The Angels Carry Me Home
  44. Columbus Stockade Blues
  45. Shanghai Rooster No 2
  46. The Brakeman's Reply
  47. Waiting For A Ride
  48. Hobo's Fate
  49. Cowboy Johnny's Last Ride
  50. Get Her By The TrailOn A Downhill Grade
  51. My Travellin' Night
  52. True And Trembling Brakeman
  53. Hobo Blues
  54. Pan American Man
  55. Pay Day Fight
  56. Far Beyond The Starry Sky
  57. I'm Savin Saturdau Night For You
  58. Dang My Rowdy Soul
  59. My Rocky Mountain Sweetheart
  60. Goin' Down The Road Feelin' Bad
  61. Georgia Moon
  62. I Don't Mind
  63. I'm Sorry Now
  64. Lonely Orphan Child
  65. Trouble Minded Blues
  66. A Mean Mama Don't Worry Me
  67. Why Did It Have To Be Me?
  68. When It's Round Up Time In Texas
  69. Shine On Me
  70. A Stretch Of 28 Years
  71. Footprints In The Snow
  72. Gonna Raise A Ruckus Tonight
  73. Going Down The Valley One By One
  74. Memories That Haunt Me
  75. Black Jack David
  76. Going Back To Alabama
  77. Lonesome For Caroline
  78. Uncloudy Day
  79. Broken Heart
  80. Shot The Innocent Man
  81. Girl In The Blue Velvet Band
  82. Sally Let Your Bangs Hang Down
  83. Where My Memory Lies
  84. New Memories Of You That Haunt Me
  85. On The Banks Of The Rio Grande
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